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Firmware GP Lite (M130).September 2019

M130 Firmware


GP Lite (M130)
September 2019 (1.00)
GP Lite (M130).September 2019
M1 LICENCE - GP LITE (23456)


Available (extra cost)


Packages for this Version: September 2019
Name Version
V [] TB48DE Turbo Beta Release WS9 September 2019 (1.00.0041)
V [] EVO8.5 WS9 September 2019 (1.00.0041)
V [] TB48DE Turbo Beta Release WS6 September 2019 (1.00.0039)
V [] EVO8.5 WS6 September 2019 (1.00.0039)
Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0041)

  • Name changed for switch input to activate Flame functionality (now it is called Flame Enable Switch).

Current Version (01.00.0040)

  • Flame Retard Ignition Timing now a table with Flame Severity Switch axis.
  • Boost Actuator Polarity added.

Version (01.00.0039)

  • Introduce Throttle Position Estimate for failed sensor fallback
  • Bug fix: Update Vehicle Speed calculation to fallback to driven wheel sensors if a sensor has a resource assigned but is not connected
  • Bug fix: ECU CAN Transmit (CAN ID 0x651, changed to Exhaust Temperature Bank 1 from Exhaust Temperature, to match other GPs)

Version (01.00.0036)

  • Initial Release


The Options line indicates options that are associated with this. The association indicates how the option affects ordering.

  • Available: the option may be added to an order.
  • Included: the option will be added to the order, and not charged for.
  • Prerequisite: the option will be added to the order, and charged for.

The different Packages contain different tuning data.