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Superseded Firmware GPR (M150).December 2014

M150 Firmware


GPR (M150)
December 2014 (1.02)
GPR (M150).December 2014
M1 GPR (23072)


Available (extra cost)


Packages for this Version: December 2014
Name Version
Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency December 2014 (1.02.0001)

Packages for Other Versions

GPR (M150).July 2019 (1.11)

GPR (M150).February 2016 (1.07)

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Update Anti Lag class: adds Anti Lag Fuel Margin
  • Update Coolant Fan class: possibility for inverted output, uses maximum axis value for Coolant Temperature if Coolant Temperature is invalid.
  • Coolant Pump: can be activated in after run conditions, or after run pump uses additional output
  • Bugfix Nine Position Switch External: fallback to Default when CAN timeout
  • Update LTC class: reports NAN in case of errors
  • Update Launch class: Vehicle Speed dependency now on Engine Speed table axis
  • Add 2x Driver Switch and 2x Driver CAN Switch
  • Change Airbox Mass Flow to Hybrid Sensor.
  • Update Ambient Pressure class: uses Airbox Pressure Sensor OR MAP Sensor for Estimate.
  • Update Boost class: add second (inverted) actuator output and test mode, bugfix on Boost Aim State reporting
  • Clutch State added
  • Update Dual Throttle Servo class: report rest position if positions sensors are faulty, link Sensor Mode to Mode, change scheduling, bugfix Position report scheduling, 200Hz feedback filter.
  • Update Wheel Speed class: considers Sample Teeth for determining 2 revolutions when Sensor Noise is reported
  • Engine Crank Idle Mass Flow introduced, deleted Engine Crank Throttle Aim. Throttle Aim in cranking therefore now determined by Idle Mass Flow Feed Forward.
  • Idle State = Enabled only when Engine State = Run
  • Idle Ignition Timing initialised with cranking ignition timing when engines cranks
  • Engine Crank Cycles: calculation corrected, increase cycle in full numbers when all cylinders are processed
  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning: Enable, Activation and Reset Delay exposed
  • Engine Load calculation can use Airbox Pressure
  • Engine Speed Limit Fuel Margin: can be negative now, allows fuel cut first then ignition cut
  • Engine Speed Limit Fuel Range parameter and channel introduced
  • Engine Speed Limiting: only consider Anti Lag values if Anti Lag Mode is Enabled
  • Engine Run Switch changed to type 'Indexed switch' with input from a selectable 'Driver' switch
  • E8XX: CAN ID Base exposed
  • Added Exhaust Lambda warning
  • Added Exhaust Temperature warning
  • Fuel Cut State now also reports cuts induced by engine speed limiting
  • Injector differential pressure can use inlet manifold pressure sensor even when Inlet Manifold Pressure Mode is Estimated.
  • Bugfix Fuel Closed Loop: clamp trim average also in shutdown
  • Gear Lever Up Switch changed to type 'Indexed switch' with input from a selectable 'Driver' switch
  • Gear Lever Down Switch changed to type 'Indexed switch' with input from a selectable 'Driver' switch
  • Gear Shift: Allow Fuel Cut during shifts
  • Gear Shift: Ramp out Engine Speed Limit during Recover
  • Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit: use specific Fuel/Ignition Cut and Margin values
  • Gear Shift: cut and retard table axis changed from Gear to Engine Speed + Engine Load Normalised, throttle aim table axis to Engine Speed
  • Gear Shift: Power Off cases and Downshift Power On have additional Pre Shift and Post Shift states with fuel/ignition cut and retard, plus ignition retard in Recover State
  • Bug Fix: downshifts can now be processed when Traction Control is active. New channel Engine Speed Limit Nominal.
  • Gear Shift Request: check for Vehicle Speed greater zero and Wheel Speed source, debounce after shifts
  • Gear Lever: use Lockout to get to Idle when going back to Sensor value after error healing
  • Gear Shift/Engine Overrun/Idle: Disable Engine Overrun and Idle control when Gear Shift State is Pre Shift, Shift, Post Shift or Recover
  • Gear Shift: Ignition Timing Normal is used at throttle blip
  • Exhaust Lambda: only Bank 1 can fall back to Collector, not Bank 2
  • Support of 2 injectors per cylinder ('high/low') with dual fuel film compensation and transport delay compensation
  • Fuel Film Compensation activation: dependency from Engine Post Start Fuel Volume Compensation deleted
  • Update Fuel Pump class: pump gets switched off when Hold is zero
  • Fuel Pressure Warning: Enable, Activation and Reset Delay exposed
  • Gear becomes Default if no source for Gear and Vehicle Speed is available
  • Bugfix Ignition Timing Mode = Check Timing: Check now has priority over all other Ignition Timings
  • Vehicle Speed Estimate logic slightly changed, renamed Throttle parameters
  • Gear Input Shaft Speed becomes NAN if Gear Output Shaft Speed is NAN
  • Idle Ignition Timing Limit Advance Target: changed to table, dependent from Coolant Temperature
  • Idle activation only below a defined engine speed
  • Inlet Manifold Pressure: introduce Correction for faster reaction
  • Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate: Mode introduced to select between ambient pressure reference, boost pressure reference or 100kPa reference, Filter introduced to filter estimated value
  • Intercooler Temperature: now has Inlet Manifold Temperature fallback
  • Ignition Timing Trim: Engine Load Average, Race Time, Auxiliary Output 1, Auxiliary Time ignition compensations/trims all are now trims, calculated into Ignition Timing Trim instead of Ignition Timing Compensation
  • Ignition Mode introduced to allow for selective ignition disabling of cylinders/banks
  • Ignition Output: Cut pattern can be selected
  • Ignition Outputs now have voltage measurement for pins
  • Ignition Cut State now also reports cuts induced by engine speed limiting
  • Knock: highest knock level of all selected frequencies is used to adjust ignition timing
  • Race Time: Activation and Reset work only if at least one condition is active
  • Throttle Pedal: set to 0 if sensor is faulty
  • Throttle Position: introduce dedicated sensor, set to 0 if sensor is not configured/faulty and Throttle Servo is also not configured
  • Throttle static test parameter added
  • Traction Engine Speed Limit Fuel Range introduced
  • Traction Aim Compensation: additional gear compensation introduced
  • Vehicle Speed Limit Engine Speed Limit Fuel Range introduced
  • Wheel Speed CAN Scale: unit changed
  • Warning: changed order of preferences, report system debug without delay of 1 event, hold Warning Source together with Warning Light
  • MAP estimate calibration method uses Mode and Airbox Pressure and Ambient Pressure fall back, equal to MAP Estimate calculation.
  • Documentation updates.

Base version: November 2013, 01.00.0006


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