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Superseded Firmware GPR-DI (M182).July 2015

M182 Firmware


GPR-DI (M182)
July 2015 (1.03)
GPR-DI (M182).July 2015


Available (extra cost)


Packages for this Version: July 2015
Name Version
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo July 2015 (1.03.0006)

Packages for Other Versions

GPR-DI (M182).July 2019 (1.11)

Name Version
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo v10 July 2019 (1.11.0170)
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo v9 July 2019 (1.11.0099)
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo v8 July 2019 (1.11.0041)
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo v7 July 2019 (1.11.0018)
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo v5 July 2019 (1.11.0000)

Release Notes

Current Version 1.3.0006

  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.

Version 1.3.0005

  • Implement Resource hiding: objects are not shown in Tune when no resources are assigned.
  • Implement Calibration support: Configured settings for numerous sensors selectable.
  • Tagging of objects for facilitated selection in Tune, especially for logging setup.
  • Resources allow for directly selecting CAN inputs.
  • Test functionalities added: outputs can be activated using test settings.
  • Brake pressures have separate threshold to set Brake State.
  • 2 Switches and 4 Rotary Switches have been added for driver interaction.
  • Added Boost Limit Disable switch.
  • Boost Control and Turbocharger Bypass will be disabled when no Boost Pressure Sensor and Inlet Maifold Pressure Sensor is available.
  • ECU Power Relay powered on during cranking.
  • ECU Receive (CAN): Also compound messages can be received now.
  • Increase size of Engine Efficiency map.
  • Introduce Engine Charge Temperature as a corrected Inlet Air Temperature.
  • Camshafts: Additional output added for VANOS support.
  • Exhaust Temperature Warning now uses highest available temperature as trigger.
  • Fuel Timing Primary: added flexibility to bring forward start of injection when injector duty cycle comes close to 100%.
  • Fuel Direct Injection Diagnostic refined.
  • Added Fuel Temperature Estimate as a fall back value.
  • Added 2 Fuel Flow sensors.
  • Adjusted Fuel Pressure to better suit regulator types.
  • Gear Position Sensor changed to dual sensor.
  • Added Gear dependent Throttle Limit and Ignition Timing Trim.
  • Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate: modify fallbacks when Mode is Boost Relative.
  • Rename Inlet Manifold Temperature to Inlet Air Temperature.
  • Inlet Manifold Temperature is now describing the inlet manifold body temperature, which can be used to correct the Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (for example in case of heat soak problems).
  • Switched inlet camshaft added.
  • Ignition Coil Charge Time Trim added for scaling of the time in dependency of engine load.
  • Idle Throttle Pedal Blend for acceleration feel adjustment.
  • Idle Stepper motor support added.
  • Intercooler: additional Ambient Temperature threshold, more flexible temperature delta calculation.
  • Knock: It can be selected which frequencies contribute to the determined knock level.
  • LTC Enable CAN message (0x480) can be deactivated.
  • Lap Time: Can now also be sourced from a GPS input.
  • Tachometer output pin measurement.
  • Throttle Position Estimate added as a fall back when no valid source for Throttle Position is available.
  • Throttle Servo can be reinitialised after an error.
  • Throttle Servo and Pedal support nonlinear tracking sensors.
  • Added Vehicle Speed Limit functionality.
  • Delay switching Vehicle Speed sources to consider spinning wheels.

Base version: December 2014, 01.00.0000


The Options line indicates options that are associated with this. The association indicates how the option affects ordering.

  • Available: the option may be added to an order.
  • Included: the option will be added to the order, and not charged for.
  • Prerequisite: the option will be added to the order, and charged for.

The different Packages contain different tuning data.