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Firmware Lamborghini 07L 2004.February 2015

M150 Firmware


Lamborghini 07L 2004
February 2015 (1.00)
Lamborghini 07L 2004 1.February 2015
LAMBORGHINI 07L 2004 (23067)


Available (extra cost)


Packages for this Version: February 2015
Name Version
Tuning Base February 2015 (1.00.0002)
Release Notes

Initial Release

  • Single injector per cylinder
  • Dual Sensor Boost control
  • Coolant Temperature: average of 2 sensors (bank 1, bank 2)
  • Gear dependent torque reduction by throttle limiting, plus switch selection
  • Inlet Manifold Position: switch control for runner length
  • Paddle Shift Gearbox control

Based on GPRP 01.00.0001


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The different Packages contain different tuning data.