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Firmware Subaru STI 2015 EJ207.February 2016

M150 Firmware


Subaru STI 2015 EJ207
February 2016 (1.00)
Subaru STI 2015 EJ207.February 2016
M1 LICENCE - SUBARU WRX STI 2007 EJ2xx (23202)


Available (extra cost)


Packages for this Version: February 2016
Name Version
Subaru WRX STi 2015 EJ207 Start File v2 February 2016 (1.00.0031)
Subaru WRX STi 2015 EJ207 Start File v1 February 2016 (1.00.0030)
Subaru STI MY15 EJ20 98 OCT February 2016 (1.00.0030)
Release Notes

Current Version (1.00.0031)

  • M1 System updated to v01.04.00.0079.
  • MoTeC OE Subaru STI 2015 module updated to 1.00.0018.
    • Acceleration Longitudinal changed from Firmware Resource 16 to Firmware Resource 12.
  • MoTeC Input module updated to v01.10.0025.
  • MoTeC Comms module updated to v01.10.0002
  • Bosch OE Integration updated to v01.00.0029.
    • Bosch ABS replaces Bosch ABS M4 class.
  • Default added to Driver Switch Index.


  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.


  • Add STI Model parameter to support MY16 STI with EJ257 engine. This changes CAN messages so ABS does not report a fault.


  • Integrate with OE systems.
  • Initial Version.

Base version GPR: February 2016, 01.07.0005


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