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Image Resource M150 Firmware


Toyota 86 2012 Engine Swap
February 2016 (1.02)
Toyota 86 2012 Engine Swap.February 2016
TOYOTA 86 2012 ENGINE SWAP (23070)


Available (extra cost)




This Version: February 2016

Name Version
V [] Tuning Base V2 February 2016 (1.02.0003)
Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
Toyota 86 (Engine Swap) 2012 Car Vehicle Custom ECU
Subaru BRZ (Engine Swap) 2012 Car Vehicle Custom ECU
Scion FR-S (Engine Swap) 2012 Car Engine Custom ECU
Release Notes

Current Version

  • Added feature: Vehicle Speed Limit Pit can be varied based on new Driver Pit Speed Switch.
  • Bugfix Gear Shift Timing may use timing of previous shift type on occasion.

Previous version: February 2016, 01.02.0002


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