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Superseded Firmware Nissan GT-R 2007 VR38DETT Engine.April 2016

M150 Firmware


Nissan GT-R 2007 VR38DETT Engine
April 2016 (1.05)
Nissan GT-R 2007 VR38DETT Engine.April 2016
NISSAN R35 GT-R (23002)


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Packages for this Version: April 2016
Name Version
Stock Engine MY08 JDM 98 oct fuel April 2016 (1.05.0086)
Release Notes

Current Version

  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.


  • Fix gear down shift blip issue when anti lag is used.
  • Fix GTR TCM OBD Vehicle Speed 1 channel value, previously reporting incorrect data.


  • Change Fuel Volume Trim table validation limits to allow more range. Tables affected -
    • Anti Lag Fuel Volume Trim
    • Auxiliary Time Fuel Volume Trim
    • Launch Fuel Volume Trim
  • Add Driver Combined Switch N feature, allows two existing switch inputs to be combined.
  • Fix some conditions triggering Warning Source in normal operation.
  • Fix error in vehicle speed transmitted on CAN when the OE VDC module is removed, caused a fault in the TCM.


  • Reinstate Warning Torque Limit parameters, accendently removed in the previous version.
  • Add Nitrous Bottle Pressure Warning Torque Limit and Enigne Speed Limit parameters.


  • Add ‘Exceeded’ channel to all warning groups.
  • Improve Boost Pressure sensor fallback strategy.
  • Add Driver Race Time switch to switches all tables in Race Time. Note: The Race Time Torque Limit table axis has changed from Driver Torque Limit Switch to this switch.
  • Add Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic channel to the CAN Tx (Msg 0x64E).
  • Change Fuel Closed Loop Recovery to be a Ratio of the Fuel Closed Loop Period, rather than a fixed time.
  • Fix VDC Simulated Vehicle Speed on CAN to use a fixed scaling (when OE VDC is removed). Can prevent errors on TCM.
  • Increase update rate of GPS received on CAN from 25Hz to 100Hz.
  • Improve Wheel Speed diagnostic reporting.
  • Improve GPS Diagnostic reporting when data received on CAN.
  • Improve Vehicle Speed and Vehicle Speed Estimate fallback to GPS Speed.


Major update, system verison updated from 1.3 to 1.4, includes Udig capture and other improvements.

  • Add Traction control system.
  • Add Traction Model system.
  • Add Alternative Fuel system, Flex Fuel or Dual Fuel.
  • Add AWD Transfer control system with burnout mode.
  • Add dual Boost control system.
  • Add Boost Servo control system.
  • Add reading of OE TCM internal data.
  • Add Nitrous control system.
  • Add tuning flexibility for CAN values to effect the TCM control.
  • Add Clutch Slip control system to prevent clutch damaged.
  • Display Ethanol content on the OE cluster.
  • Add dual Engine Oil Pressure warning safety cutoff.
  • Add Race Time system.
  • Improve Launch control including 'bump in'.
  • Improve Knock control.
  • Improve Warning system and add many more warning conditions.
  • Add Wastegate Pressure control system.
  • Improve Driver switch setup and flexibility.
  • Improve Torque calculations.
  • Add support for sensors with digital outputs.
  • Add Exhaust Sound contorl for MY17+ models.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate system, for a better estimate of true ground speed.
  • Improve Anti Lag system.
  • Add support for Bosch MM5.10 inertial sensor.
  • Add support for Bosch M4 and M5 ABS units.
  • Add support for removing the OE VDC unit.
  • Add support for PDMs, (no monitoring).
  • Too many other additions, improvements and tweaks to mention. See the package help for operational details.


  • Fix Clutch Slip Warning activating incorrectly during gear down shift.
  • Add feature to prevent the Gear Automatic system from up shifting too early when Engine Speed is high due to wheel slip.
  • Improve the activation reliability of Launch control.
  • Add strategy for Launch control to build boost faster while stationary.
  • Allow Torque Limit by throttle to be disabled under strict conditions.
  • Fix Vehicle Speed State from latching in Output Shaft Speed in corner cases.


  • Improve Inlet Manifold Pressure model.
  • Improve throttle control when torque control is active.
  • Improve boost limiting during gear shift.
  • Improve cruise control safety cut outs.
  • Cancel queued shifts when TCM takes control of shifting.
  • Remove use of estimated vehicle speed or GPS for vehicle acceleration estimation.
  • Convert all switch inputs to use Driver switch input mechanism.
  • Minor change to a torque value sent on CAN to the TCM.
  • Add GTR group. All integration with OE systems is shifted to this group.
  • Add GTR Throttle Adjustment table to improve tuning of the clutch control and shift feel.
  • Add GTR Throttle Pedal Translation table to improve tuning of the clutch control and shift feel.
  • Add Clutch Slip Control system for prevention of clutch damage.
  • Add Clutch State channel.
  • Add use of steering wheel buttons as Driver switch inputs.
  • Add use of vehicle setup switches as Driver switch inputs.
  • Add to list of available warnings and add torque limits to all warnings.
  • Add 'Drag' priority to Gear Automatic system with a driver switch input
  • Add Engine Load Normalised to the Knock Threshold and Knock Recovery Rate tables.
  • Add ability to adjust which knock sensor is associated with each cylinder.
  • Add Engine Load Normalised axis to the Ignition Charge Time table.
  • Add Ignition Driver Firing Edge setting for 'rising edge' triggered ignition systems.
  • Add 'Normal' mode to Launch control for OE style launch.
  • Improve Launch control ignition timing control and various other tweaks.
  • Add Launch TCM Deactivate strategy.
  • Improve Anti Lag system flexibility and drivability.
  • Add fuel cut to Anti Lag system.
  • Add odometer and trip distance measurements.
  • Improve Warning system and add Warning Mode parameters to disabled individual warnings.
  • Add support for a MoTeC ADR.
  • Update sensor inputs, some now include optional CAN input sources.
  • Boost Limit system is now used to set the appropriate Boost Aim during torque limiting.
  • Add front and rear Brake Pressure inputs.
  • Add Coolant Temperature Estimate strategy.
  • Add Coolant Temperature Engine Speed Limit.
  • Improve Fuel Mixture Aim table and adjustments of aim value from subsystems.
  • Add PWM Coolant Pump control system with 'After Run' strategy.
  • Add Coolant Fan N control systems with PWM options.
  • Add E8XX CAN ID Base parameter.
  • Add Engine Load Average Torque Limit, replaces Engine Load Average Throttle Pedal Compensation.
  • Change cranking fuel compensation method.
  • Add Engine Crank Flooded Throttle Position.
  • Improve Exhaust Lambda sensor fall back strategy.
  • Add Exhaust Lambda Engine Run Time setting to delay sensor start up.
  • Improve Exhaust Temperature sensor fall back strategy.
  • Change Fuel Volume Trim channel naming.
  • Improve Fuel Pressure measurement options and channel naming.
  • Add Fuel Cut strategy.
  • Add Fuel Tank Level input.
  • Improve moment of update to Gear channel on up shift and associated components.
  • Add GTR Tyre Pressure receive of OE TPMS system.
  • Add various sensor channels from the vehicle CAN bus write to 'OE' CAN slots for use in sensor inputs.
  • Improve tuning of GTR TCM Down Shift Engine Speed Offset.
  • Change Ignition Cylinder N Trim Main table axis of Inlet Manifold Pressure to Engine Load Normalised.
  • Add Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate and Correction system (optionally applied).
  • Add Inlet Camshaft Engine Run Time setting to prevent cam control operation before oil pressure is present.
  • Add Intercooler Temperature sensor input and Intercooler Spray system.
  • Add Steering Pressure Switch option.
  • Add Steering Angle Sensor input. Previously this only read the OE CAN bus value.
  • Add Vehicle Yaw Rate Sensor input. Previously this only read the OE CAN bus value.
  • Improve Throttle Servo fault tolerance to engine vibration.
  • Improve Vehicle Speed calculation, now uses slowest front wheel speed during acceleration.
  • Add Wheel Speed sensor inputs.
  • Add Torque Modelled channel.
  • Add Torque Maximum and associated channels.
  • Add Exhaust Temperature Maximum which is used for triggering the Exhaust Temperature Warning .
  • Add Engine Overrun Delay setting to improve drivability tuning.
  • Add static test option to Throttle Test Mode.
  • Change Fuel Injector group to contain all setting related to injector characterisations and improved flexibility of injector setup.
  • Add Fuel Cylinder N Primary Output Resource settings so outputs to primary injectors can be changed if needed.
  • Add Fuel Injector Primary Location and Fuel Injector Secondary Location settings.
  • Add Engine Oil Pressure Sensor input. Previously this only read the OE CAN bus value.
  • Update MoTeC CAN data sets transmitted for MoTeC dashes and 3rd party devices.
  • Update entire GT-R package to bring it in line with current versions of the MoTeC GPR package strategies and channel naming where appropriate.
  • Improve the setting of Boost Aim when a very high Torque Limit in in place.
  • Remove Exhaust Temperature Ignition timing Compensation.
  • Remove some Throttle Mass Flow channels that were of little value. These channels now only exist internally.
  • Remove old Fuel Transient system. Fuel Film replaces this system.
  • Add OBD reply to 3rd party devices to allow communications with other vehicle systems in special cases.
  • Add request and receive of TCM and VDC OBD channels for diagnostics and tuning. (only functional on early TCM versions)
  • Minor bug fixes to automatic gear shifting.


  • Add support for primary and secondary injectors.
  • Add fuel film model.
  • Add 'Gear' system.
  • Add 'Transmission Up Shift Boost Limit' to prevent over-boost during gear shift.
  • Add 'Transmission Torque Limit Override' parameter.
  • Add Torque Limit Switch to 'Gear Torque Limit' table.
  • Add 'Torque Limit Switch' to 'Vehicle Speed Torque Limit' table.
  • Add 'Ambient Pressure' axis to 'Boost Control Feed Forward' table.
  • Add 'Ambient Pressure' axis to 'Engine Efficiency' table.
  • Add 'Transmission Shift Mode' channel.
  • Add 'Logging Engine Speed' parameter.
  • Add 'Communications CAN Bus 2 Mode' and 'Communications CAN Bus 3 Mode' parameters.
  • Add Quick Adjust function to 'Coolant Temperature Idle Mass Flow Feed Forward' table.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Front Left' sensor.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Front Right' sensor.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Rear Left' sensor.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Rear Right' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Speed Bank 1' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Speed Bank 2' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Outlet Temperature Bank 1' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Outlet Temperature Bank 2' sensor.
  • Add 'Exhaust Pressure Bank 1' sensor.
  • Add 'Exhaust Pressure Bank 2' sensor.
  • Add 'Engine Load Normalised Mode' parameter.
  • Add 'Engine Overrun Ignition Timing' parameters to soften transition into overrun.
  • Add 'Fuel Timing Makeup' table.
  • Add 'Fuel Pump Main Duty Cycle' parameters.
  • Add 'Fuel Molar Mass' parameter.
  • Add 'Ignition Timing Limit' parameters.
  • Add 'Vehicle Speed' axis to 'Launch Engine Speed' table.
  • Add support for SLM.
  • Add steering wheel buttons to CAN transmit data set.
  • Add 'Vehicle Speed' to 'Launch Engine Speed' table.
  • Update all voltage inputs at a minimum of 100Hz.
  • Improve 'Brake Switch Diagnostic' calculation to prevent misdiagnosing a brake switch fault.
  • Correct Fuel Volume Transient table axes. Previously using 'Inlet Manifold Pressure Bank 1', now using 'Inlet Manifold Pressure'.
  • Replace Fuel Closed Loop Activate Engine Efficiency with 'Fuel Closed Loop Activate Inlet Manifold Pressure'.
  • Replace Launch Exit Clutch Slip with 'Launch Exit Vehicle Speed'.
  • Change third 'Boost Aim Main' axis from Engine Mode to 'Ambient Pressure'.
  • Change all Boost Aim Compensation tables to 'Boost Limit' tables.
  • Change 'Anti Lag' strategy so that it can be armed while the 'Anti Lag Ignition Cut' table is non-zero.
  • Improve 'Engine Charge Cooling' calculation. May cause changes to 'Engine Efficiency' calibration.
  • Improve 'Engine Load Fuel Vapour Correction' calculation. May cause changes to 'Engine Efficiency' calibration.
  • Fix warning source for 'Inlet Manifold Temperature Bank 1'.
  • Fix external torque limit overriding idle torque request causing an engine stall.
  • Fix steering wheel button activation when 'Steering Wheel Button Voltage Resource' is 'Not in Use'.
  • Fix 'VDC Torque Limit Gain' when VDC torque limits are greater than 'Torque Pedal'.
  • Fix launch control activation logic.
  • Fix high engine speed causing TCM fault.
  • Fix high engine torque output causing TCM fault.
  • Remove 'Launch Engine Speed' maximum limit.
  • Remove limits on boost pressure.


  • Initial release.


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  • Available: the option may be added to an order.
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