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Firmware Nissan GT-R 2007 VR38DETT Engine.April 2016

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Nissan GT-R 2007 VR38DETT Engine
April 2016 (1.05)
Nissan GT-R 2007 VR38DETT Engine.April 2016
NISSAN R35 GT-R (23002)


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Packages for this Version: April 2016
Name Version
V [] Stock Engine MY08 JDM 98 oct fuel April 2016 (1.05.0078)
V [] Stock Engine MY08 JDM 98 oct fuel worksheet update April 2016 (1.05.0072)
Release Notes

Current Version

Major update, system verison updated from 1.3 to 1.4, includes Udig capture and other improvements.

  • Add Traction control system.
  • Add Traction Model system.
  • Add Alternative Fuel system, Flex Fuel or Dual Fuel.
  • Add AWD Transfer control system with burnout mode.
  • Add dual Boost control system.
  • Add Boost Servo control system.
  • Add reading of OE TCM internal data.
  • Add Nitrous control system.
  • Add tuning flexibility for CAN values to effect the TCM control.
  • Add Clutch Slip control system to prevent clutch damaged.
  • Display Ethanol content on the OE cluster.
  • Add dual Engine Oil Pressure warning safety cutoff.
  • Add Race Time system.
  • Improve Launch control including 'bump in'.
  • Improve Knock control.
  • Improve Warning system and add many more warning conditions.
  • Add Wastegate Pressure control system.
  • Improve Driver switch setup and flexibility.
  • Improve Torque calculations.
  • Add support for sensors with digital outputs.
  • Add Exhaust Sound contorl for MY17+ models.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate system, for a better estimate of true ground speed.
  • Improve Anti Lag system.
  • Add support for Bosch MM5.10 inertial sensor.
  • Add support for Bosch M4 and M5 ABS units.
  • Add support for removing the OE VDC unit.
  • Add support for PDMs, (no monitoring).
  • Too many other additions, improvements and tweaks to mention. See the package help for operational details.


  • Fix Clutch Slip Warning activating incorrectly during gear down shift.
  • Add feature to prevent the Gear Automatic system from up shifting too early when Engine Speed is high due to wheel slip.
  • Improve the activation reliability of Launch control.
  • Add strategy for Launch control to build boost faster while stationary.
  • Allow Torque Limit by throttle to be disabled under strict conditions.
  • Fix Vehicle Speed State from latching in Output Shaft Speed in corner cases.


  • Improve Inlet Manifold Pressure model.
  • Improve throttle control when torque control is active.
  • Improve boost limiting during gear shift.
  • Improve cruise control safety cut outs.
  • Cancel queued shifts when TCM takes control of shifting.
  • Remove use of estimated vehicle speed or GPS for vehicle acceleration estimation.
  • Convert all switch inputs to use Driver switch input mechanism.
  • Minor change to a torque value sent on CAN to the TCM.
  • Add GTR group. All integration with OE systems is shifted to this group.
  • Add GTR Throttle Adjustment table to improve tuning of the clutch control and shift feel.
  • Add GTR Throttle Pedal Translation table to improve tuning of the clutch control and shift feel.
  • Add Clutch Slip Control system for prevention of clutch damage.
  • Add Clutch State channel.
  • Add use of steering wheel buttons as Driver switch inputs.
  • Add use of vehicle setup switches as Driver switch inputs.
  • Add to list of available warnings and add torque limits to all warnings.
  • Add 'Drag' priority to Gear Automatic system with a driver switch input
  • Add Engine Load Normalised to the Knock Threshold and Knock Recovery Rate tables.
  • Add ability to adjust which knock sensor is associated with each cylinder.
  • Add Engine Load Normalised axis to the Ignition Charge Time table.
  • Add Ignition Driver Firing Edge setting for 'rising edge' triggered ignition systems.
  • Add 'Normal' mode to Launch control for OE style launch.
  • Improve Launch control ignition timing control and various other tweaks.
  • Add Launch TCM Deactivate strategy.
  • Improve Anti Lag system flexibility and drivability.
  • Add fuel cut to Anti Lag system.
  • Add odometer and trip distance measurements.
  • Improve Warning system and add Warning Mode parameters to disabled individual warnings.
  • Add support for a MoTeC ADR.
  • Update sensor inputs, some now include optional CAN input sources.
  • Boost Limit system is now used to set the appropriate Boost Aim during torque limiting.
  • Add front and rear Brake Pressure inputs.
  • Add Coolant Temperature Estimate strategy.
  • Add Coolant Temperature Engine Speed Limit.
  • Improve Fuel Mixture Aim table and adjustments of aim value from subsystems.
  • Add PWM Coolant Pump control system with 'After Run' strategy.
  • Add Coolant Fan N control systems with PWM options.
  • Add E8XX CAN ID Base parameter.
  • Add Engine Load Average Torque Limit, replaces Engine Load Average Throttle Pedal Compensation.
  • Change cranking fuel compensation method.
  • Add Engine Crank Flooded Throttle Position.
  • Improve Exhaust Lambda sensor fall back strategy.
  • Add Exhaust Lambda Engine Run Time setting to delay sensor start up.
  • Improve Exhaust Temperature sensor fall back strategy.
  • Change Fuel Volume Trim channel naming.
  • Improve Fuel Pressure measurement options and channel naming.
  • Add Fuel Cut strategy.
  • Add Fuel Tank Level input.
  • Improve moment of update to Gear channel on up shift and associated components.
  • Add GTR Tyre Pressure receive of OE TPMS system.
  • Add various sensor channels from the vehicle CAN bus write to 'OE' CAN slots for use in sensor inputs.
  • Improve tuning of GTR TCM Down Shift Engine Speed Offset.
  • Change Ignition Cylinder N Trim Main table axis of Inlet Manifold Pressure to Engine Load Normalised.
  • Add Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate and Correction system (optionally applied).
  • Add Inlet Camshaft Engine Run Time setting to prevent cam control operation before oil pressure is present.
  • Add Intercooler Temperature sensor input and Intercooler Spray system.
  • Add Steering Pressure Switch option.
  • Add Steering Angle Sensor input. Previously this only read the OE CAN bus value.
  • Add Vehicle Yaw Rate Sensor input. Previously this only read the OE CAN bus value.
  • Improve Throttle Servo fault tolerance to engine vibration.
  • Improve Vehicle Speed calculation, now uses slowest front wheel speed during acceleration.
  • Add Wheel Speed sensor inputs.
  • Add Torque Modelled channel.
  • Add Torque Maximum and associated channels.
  • Add Exhaust Temperature Maximum which is used for triggering the Exhaust Temperature Warning .
  • Add Engine Overrun Delay setting to improve drivability tuning.
  • Add static test option to Throttle Test Mode.
  • Change Fuel Injector group to contain all setting related to injector characterisations and improved flexibility of injector setup.
  • Add Fuel Cylinder N Primary Output Resource settings so outputs to primary injectors can be changed if needed.
  • Add Fuel Injector Primary Location and Fuel Injector Secondary Location settings.
  • Add Engine Oil Pressure Sensor input. Previously this only read the OE CAN bus value.
  • Update MoTeC CAN data sets transmitted for MoTeC dashes and 3rd party devices.
  • Update entire GT-R package to bring it in line with current versions of the MoTeC GPR package strategies and channel naming where appropriate.
  • Improve the setting of Boost Aim when a very high Torque Limit in in place.
  • Remove Exhaust Temperature Ignition timing Compensation.
  • Remove some Throttle Mass Flow channels that were of little value. These channels now only exist internally.
  • Remove old Fuel Transient system. Fuel Film replaces this system.
  • Add OBD reply to 3rd party devices to allow communications with other vehicle systems in special cases.
  • Add request and receive of TCM and VDC OBD channels for diagnostics and tuning. (only functional on early TCM versions)
  • Minor bug fixes to automatic gear shifting.


  • Add support for primary and secondary injectors.
  • Add fuel film model.
  • Add 'Gear' system.
  • Add 'Transmission Up Shift Boost Limit' to prevent over-boost during gear shift.
  • Add 'Transmission Torque Limit Override' parameter.
  • Add Torque Limit Switch to 'Gear Torque Limit' table.
  • Add 'Torque Limit Switch' to 'Vehicle Speed Torque Limit' table.
  • Add 'Ambient Pressure' axis to 'Boost Control Feed Forward' table.
  • Add 'Ambient Pressure' axis to 'Engine Efficiency' table.
  • Add 'Transmission Shift Mode' channel.
  • Add 'Logging Engine Speed' parameter.
  • Add 'Communications CAN Bus 2 Mode' and 'Communications CAN Bus 3 Mode' parameters.
  • Add Quick Adjust function to 'Coolant Temperature Idle Mass Flow Feed Forward' table.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Front Left' sensor.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Front Right' sensor.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Rear Left' sensor.
  • Add 'Brake Temperature Rear Right' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Speed Bank 1' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Speed Bank 2' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Outlet Temperature Bank 1' sensor.
  • Add 'Turbocharger Outlet Temperature Bank 2' sensor.
  • Add 'Exhaust Pressure Bank 1' sensor.
  • Add 'Exhaust Pressure Bank 2' sensor.
  • Add 'Engine Load Normalised Mode' parameter.
  • Add 'Engine Overrun Ignition Timing' parameters to soften transition into overrun.
  • Add 'Fuel Timing Makeup' table.
  • Add 'Fuel Pump Main Duty Cycle' parameters.
  • Add 'Fuel Molar Mass' parameter.
  • Add 'Ignition Timing Limit' parameters.
  • Add 'Vehicle Speed' axis to 'Launch Engine Speed' table.
  • Add support for SLM.
  • Add steering wheel buttons to CAN transmit data set.
  • Add 'Vehicle Speed' to 'Launch Engine Speed' table.
  • Update all voltage inputs at a minimum of 100Hz.
  • Improve 'Brake Switch Diagnostic' calculation to prevent misdiagnosing a brake switch fault.
  • Correct Fuel Volume Transient table axes. Previously using 'Inlet Manifold Pressure Bank 1', now using 'Inlet Manifold Pressure'.
  • Replace Fuel Closed Loop Activate Engine Efficiency with 'Fuel Closed Loop Activate Inlet Manifold Pressure'.
  • Replace Launch Exit Clutch Slip with 'Launch Exit Vehicle Speed'.
  • Change third 'Boost Aim Main' axis from Engine Mode to 'Ambient Pressure'.
  • Change all Boost Aim Compensation tables to 'Boost Limit' tables.
  • Change 'Anti Lag' strategy so that it can be armed while the 'Anti Lag Ignition Cut' table is non-zero.
  • Improve 'Engine Charge Cooling' calculation. May cause changes to 'Engine Efficiency' calibration.
  • Improve 'Engine Load Fuel Vapour Correction' calculation. May cause changes to 'Engine Efficiency' calibration.
  • Fix warning source for 'Inlet Manifold Temperature Bank 1'.
  • Fix external torque limit overriding idle torque request causing an engine stall.
  • Fix steering wheel button activation when 'Steering Wheel Button Voltage Resource' is 'Not in Use'.
  • Fix 'VDC Torque Limit Gain' when VDC torque limits are greater than 'Torque Pedal'.
  • Fix launch control activation logic.
  • Fix high engine speed causing TCM fault.
  • Fix high engine torque output causing TCM fault.
  • Remove 'Launch Engine Speed' maximum limit.
  • Remove limits on boost pressure.


  • Initial release.


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