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Firmware GPR Drag (M150).April 2017

M150 Firmware


GPR Drag (M150)
April 2017 (1.00)
GPR Drag (M150).April 2017


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Packages for this Version: April 2017
Name Version
Drag 403cid LS2 twin turbo E85 Base v2 April 2017 (1.00.0049)
Drag 403cid LS2 twin turbo E85 Base April 2017 (1.00.0020)
Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0049)

  • Vehicle Speed not calculated when using a Single Wheel Speed Rear Drive Sensor bug fixed.


  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.
  • Exhaust Flame added.
  • Auxiliary Output 5 Channel modified to handle channel faults.
  • Exhaust Lambda of unused cylinders not used when determining Exhaust Lambda Bank 1 & 2 values.
  • Exhaust Temperature of unused cylinders not used when determining Exhaust Temperature Bank 1 & 2 values.
  • ECU Internal added.
  • Driver Keypad added
  • Driver Rotary Controller added
  • Migration Notes;
    • Set Auxiliary Output 5 Channel Default if Auxiliary Output 5 is in use.


  • Debounce Driver Rotary Switch N inputs.
  • Fix Nitrous Bottle Pressure Fuel Mass Flow Trim usage when the bottle pressure sensor was not configured.
  • Improve the Nitrous Bottle Pressure fallback strategy.
  • Increase the maximum update rate of the GPS values received on CAN from 25Hz to 100Hz, and associated calculations.
  • Improve the conditions for when to trust using GPS Speed is used in Vehicle Speed and Vehicle Speed Estimate.
  • Add Ignition Timing Optimal channel, reporting the blended Ignition Timing Main and Alternative Fuel Ignition Timing.
  • Improve the Ignition Timing Control system diagnostic fallback operation
  • Add Engine Speed axis to the Transmission Brake Bump Dyty Cycle table.
  • Improve Wheel Speed diagnostic reporting.
  • Change Transmission Brake Bump Duty Cycle to a table Vs Engine Speed.
  • Change Fuel Pump Hold validation limit to allow 0s.
  • Add Race Time axis to Auxiliary Output 2 and 3 Duty Cycle tables.
  • Improve GPS Diagnostic reporting when data received on CAN


  • Initial release of GPR Drag based on GPR v1.07.0005 with improvments.


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