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Firmware GPR Drag (M150).April 2017

M150 Firmware


GPR Drag (M150)
April 2017 (1.00)
GPR Drag (M150).April 2017


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Packages for this Version: April 2017
Name Version
Drag 403cid LS2 twin turbo E85 Base v3 April 2017 (1.00.0058)
Drag 403cid LS2 twin turbo E85 Base v2 April 2017 (1.00.0049)
Drag 403cid LS2 twin turbo E85 Base April 2017 (1.00.0020)
Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0057)

  • Throttle Aim Minimum added.
  • Idle Throttle Pedal Blend internally clamped so that the blend point cannot exceed 100%.
  • Throttle Aim set to NaN from Anti Lag Throttle Aim bug fixed.
  • Flame Retard Ignition Timing quantity and Units corrected.


  • Flame Retard Ignition Timing changed from Parameter to Table.
  • Driver Flame Severity Switch added as an axis to the Flame Retard Ignition Timing table.


    • System Update to
    • Support for Batch Fire injection added.
    • Motec GPS Module Updated to v1.7.21.
      • Updated firmware to
      • Serial Port Resource and Baud rate can be set externally.
      • Add support for M130 Rev Q. hardware with RS232 Rx on Udig 6 and 7.
      • Moves the serial port setup inside the GPS group.
      • Ensure a Diagnostic of Invalid Interface is reported correctly for all hardware types.
      • Allow any CAN Decode message to set the Diagnostic to OK. Allows GPS Speed message to be received by itself for example.
      • Help Updates.
    • Motec Fuel Module Updated to v1.18.1
      • System update to
      • Allowance for Revolution Lock and Cylinder Lock Engine Speed Reference State in Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Injector Fuel Volume classes. Required for Batch Fire Injection.
      • Fuel Closed Loop Period help diagram added.
      • Secondary Fuel Conversion factor bug fixed in Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class.
      • Activate Throttle Pedal added to Angle and Dual Closed Loop class.
      • Duty Cycle Warning added to Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class.
      • Maximum Validation Limit removed from Fault Delay of Fuel Closed Loop Classes.
      • Fuel Closed Loop going into fault after long overrun bug fixed.
    • Motec Input Module Updated to v1.10.36.
      • System Update to
      • Remove 'Diagnostic Delay' validation maximum.
      • Resource re-ordered in latchable switch class.
      • Replace Elapsed Time calls with Period function.
      • Improve CPU efficiency when sensors are not in use.
    • Motec Comms Module Upated to v1.10.3
      • System updated to v1.04.0091
      • Serial Port class removed.
    • Motec Warning Module Updated to v1.4.11
      • Exceeded channel added to Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
      • Warning Minimum Hysteresis validation bug fixed
      • Fixed behaviour if warning reactives before the reset delay expires (stays in Limit)
      • Changed behaviour, the actiavte and limit delays are applied only after the system is enabled.
    Migration Notes;
    • Set hystersis for all temperature warnings that are in use.
    • Set GPS Serial Port Resource and GPS Serial Port Baud Rate if GPS Interface is RS232 Port.


  • Vehicle Speed not calculated when using a Single Wheel Speed Rear Drive Sensor bug fixed.


  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.
  • Exhaust Flame added.
  • Auxiliary Output 5 Channel modified to handle channel faults.
  • Exhaust Lambda of unused cylinders not used when determining Exhaust Lambda Bank 1 & 2 values.
  • Exhaust Temperature of unused cylinders not used when determining Exhaust Temperature Bank 1 & 2 values.
  • ECU Internal added.
  • Driver Keypad added
  • Driver Rotary Controller added
  • Migration Notes;
    • Set Auxiliary Output 5 Channel Default if Auxiliary Output 5 is in use.


  • Debounce Driver Rotary Switch N inputs.
  • Fix Nitrous Bottle Pressure Fuel Mass Flow Trim usage when the bottle pressure sensor was not configured.
  • Improve the Nitrous Bottle Pressure fallback strategy.
  • Increase the maximum update rate of the GPS values received on CAN from 25Hz to 100Hz, and associated calculations.
  • Improve the conditions for when to trust using GPS Speed is used in Vehicle Speed and Vehicle Speed Estimate.
  • Add Ignition Timing Optimal channel, reporting the blended Ignition Timing Main and Alternative Fuel Ignition Timing.
  • Improve the Ignition Timing Control system diagnostic fallback operation
  • Add Engine Speed axis to the Transmission Brake Bump Duty Cycle table.
  • Improve Wheel Speed diagnostic reporting.
  • Change Transmission Brake Bump Duty Cycle to a table Vs Engine Speed.
  • Change Fuel Pump Hold validation limit to allow 0s.
  • Add Race Time axis to Auxiliary Output 2 and Auxiliary Output 3 Duty Cycle tables.
  • Improve GPS Diagnostic reporting when data received on CAN


  • Initial release of GPR Drag based on GPR v1.07.0005 with improvments.


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