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Firmware GPRP Rotary (M170).June 2017

M170 Firmware


GPRP Rotary (M170)
June 2017 (1.00)
GPRP Rotary (M170).June 2017


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Packages for this Version: June 2017
Name Version
V [] Throttle Based Start File v3 June 2017 (1.00.0031)
V [] Throttle Based Start File v2 June 2017 (1.00.0026)
V [] Throttle Based Start File June 2017 (1.00.0021)
Release Notes

Current Version (1.01.0031)

  • Engine Efficiency maximum validation limit increased.
  • All Temperature Hysteresis Quantities changed to Temperature Delta.
  • MoTeC Fuel module updated to 1.17.18
    • Secondary Fuel Conversion factor bug fixed in Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class.
    • Enrichment and Enleament added Positive and Negative in Transient Fuel Class.
    • Activate Throttle Pedal added to Angle and Dual Closed Loop class.
    • Duty Cycle Warning added to Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class.
    • Maximum Validation Limit removed from Fault Delay of Fuel Closed Loop Classes.
    • Fuel Closed Loop going into fault after long overrun bug fixed.
  • MoTeC Coolant Fan module updated to v 1.6.4
    • Enable Coolant Temperature Hysteresis changed to Temperature Delta.
  • MoTeC Warning module updated to v 1.4.12
    • Hysteresis Quantity and Display Unit can be set independent of Minimum and Maximum.
    • Warning Minimum Hysteresis validation bug fixed
    • Add Throttle Limit option to warning.
    • Fixed behaviour if warning re-actives before the reset delay expires (stays in Limit)
    • Changed behaviour, the activate and limit delays are applied only after the system is enabled.
  • MoTeC OE Mazda RX8 2004 v1.0.5
    • Warning and Cruise modules replaced with data type public property.
    Migration Notes;
    • Ensure all Temperature Hysteresis channels are set correctly.


  • Ignition Timing Trailing Limit Relative Minimum, Relative Maximum, Advance and Retard added. (UI #0018)
  • MoTeC Ignition module updated to 1.11.0011
    • Trailing Limit Relative Minimum, Relative Maximum, Advance and Retard added to Dual Rotary Spark Plug with knock class. (UI #0018)
    • Ignition Timing Object input category can be set externally.
  • Throttle reduction on upshifts with recovery added to Gear Shift. (UI #0010)
  • Extended Gear Shift clutch disengaged calculation. (UI #0010)


  • Build Help XML Formatting and Compile Options.
  • Gear Shift State Calculation updated to match GPR v1.7.5.
  • GPRP M130, M150, M170 and M190 configurations added. Paddle Shift options from GPRP (M150) v1.1.10


  • Rotary Master Project created.
  • Package upgrades updated.
  • System upgraded to version
  • MoTeC Bosch OE Integration module upgraded to version 1.0.0006.
  • MoTeC Control module upgraded to version 1.12.0046.
  • MoTeC LTC module upgraded to version 1.9.0002.
  • MoTeC Wastegate Pressure Control module upgraded to version 1.3.0011.
  • Tertiary injectors with secondary fuel calculation modified to only allow secondary fuel on tertiary injectors if secondary injectors are configured.
  • Coolant Dual Speed Fans moved to Mazda group
  • M1 Transmit 0x650 message (Driver Switches) added.
  • Engine Number of Rotors changed to Engine Rotors.
  • Diagnostic condition removed from Engine Speed Limit calculation.
  • Ignition Timing Limit Advance changed to Ignition Timing.
  • Ignition Timing Trailing updated to include Ignition Timing Leading Trim when in relative mode.
  • Ignition Rotor 1-4 Leading and Trailing Trim Main table axes corrected.
  • Warning Mode CAN Bus 2 and 3 Diagnostic added.
  • MoTeC Mazda RX8 module upgraded to version 1.0.0004.
    • Driver Switch Index Enumeration.
  • Knock Trim Enable added.


  • MoteC Ignition module updated to 1.11.0005
  • Knock indication only state added.
  • Increased validation limits on ignition timing parameters.
  • Disabled sensor compensation, trims and boost limits when sensors are set to Not in Use.


  • Gear Input and Output shaft speed sensors added.
  • Turbocharger Bank 2 Pressure added.
  • Trailing Ignition Timing (when in Overrun, Launch, Anti Lag, Idle or Gear Shift Ignition Retard modes) bug fixed.


  • Transient Fuelling added (Fuel Volume Transient).
  • Engine speed limiting disabled when sensors are not ok.
  • Turbocharger Bypass Threshold converted to a table with Vehicle Speed, Race Time and a Driver Switch as axes.
  • Separate Ignition Driver Firing Edge for both leafing and trailing ignitions.
  • MoTeC Ignition module update to 1.11.0004.
  • MoTeC Fuel module update to 1.17.0001.
  • Mazda RX8 OE Integration CAN option to only enable CAN messages for Electronic Power Steering.
  • Fuel Injector SSV Enable ignored if SSV is not in use.
  • Fixed bug were both secondary and tertiary injectors were firing on engine output test (when tertiary was selected).
  • Separate rotor trims for both leading and trailing ignitions added.
  • Engine output test modified to have separate test modes for leading and trailing ignitions.


  • Tertiary fuel added to Fuel Vol Per Cycle.


  • Initial Beta Release.


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