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Firmware GPR Diesel (M142).June 2018

M142 Firmware


GPR Diesel (M142)
June 2018 (1.01)
GPR Diesel (M142).June 2018


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Packages for this Version: June 2018
Name Version
Toyota 1GD Start File v5 June 2018 (1.01.0025)
Toyota 1GD Start File v4 June 2018 (1.01.0006)

Packages for Other Versions
Release Notes

Current Version (1.01.0025)

  • MoTeC Warning module updated v1.4.12.
    • Exceeded channel set to NAN when measurement is NAN in Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
  • Transmission Brake updated.
  • Throttle Pedal Filtered added.
  • Adjustment allowed on Ignition Driver and Output parameters
  • Boost Pressure Warning added to Warning system.
  • Engine Speed Pin Hysteresis axis sites increased to 6.
  • M1 Diesel 0x690 CAN template updated to v2
    • Version number added.
    • Exhaust Lambda Estimate added
    • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Actuator Control offset corrected
  • Boost broken out of Boost Control with Servo class
  • Boost Servo Actuator modified to include Bank 1 and 2.
  • MoTeC Control module updated v1.12.74.
    • Pump Current Control added to Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump class.
  • Engine Speed Axis added to Idle Fuel Mass Integral.
  • MoTeC Input module updated v1.10.23.
    • Old Name cleared from all Resources.
    Migration Notes;
    • If in use update all M1_Diesel_0x690 CAN templates to M1_Diesel_0x690_Version 2.
    • If Transmission Brake is in use confirm all settings.


  • MoTeC Control module updated to v1.12.68.
    • Pin Threshold input type can be set externally in Camshaft Phase class.
    • Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump Single Drive class added.
    Migration Notes;
    • None.


  • MoTeC Control module updated to v1.12.65.
    • Warning module updated to include Fuel Mass Limit.
    • Add Boost Pressure Default and change the fallback strategy for Boost Pressure.
    • Boost Pressure Warning enabled when Boost Pressure is above Boost Activate (previously was enabled when above 0).
    • Fix Boost Maximum when using a Boost Pressure Sensor.
    • Boost Pressure Warning added.
  • MoTeC Coolant Fan module updated to v1.6.5.
    • Generic fan class added.
    • Enable Coolant Temperature Hysteresis quantity and unit changed to Temperature Delta.
  • MoTeC Input module updated to v1.10.23.
    • Old Name cleared from all Resources.
    • Latchable Switch class modified to improve migration from Universal Switch class.
    • Engine Speed parameter for Turbocharger Speed class Diagnostic added.
    • Diagnostic public properties can be set externally on Voltage class.
    • Add Mapping Not in Use to Indexed switch, used when Index is Not in Use.
    • Add Index of Default to Indexed Switch, allows Mapping Default to set the switch value manually.
  • MoTeC Warning module updated to v1.4.11.
    • Fuel Mass Limit added to Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
    • Exceeded channel added to Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
    • Hysteresis Quantity and Display Unit can be set independent of Minimum and Maximum.
    • Warning Minimum Hysteresis validation bug fixed.
    • Add Throttle Limit option to warning.
    • Fixed behaviour if warning reactives before the reset delay expires (stays in Limit).
    • Changed behaviour, the actiavte and limit delays are applied only after the system is enabled.
    Migration Notes;
    • Set Boost Pressure Default.
    • Set all Temperature Hysteresis paramters


  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.49.
    • Information on how to test and reset the fully closed/open positions of the servo added to help of Boost Control with Servo class.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cut Solenoid added.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flap changed to Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Bypass.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Bypass Actuator Peak current increased to 10A.
  • Inlet Manifold Swirl Control valves added.


  • Gear Input Shaft Speed Sensor addded.
  • MoTeC Output module updated to version 1.9.6.
  • Max Cylinder compile option added.


  • Help Updated.
  • Ignition simplified.
  • Fuel items re-arranged to improve consistency.

June 2018, 1.01.0000

  • Updated M1 Build to version Help XML Formatting and Compile Options.
  • MoTec Control module updated to version 1.0.48
    • Servo Actuator Motor Output must be active to run update.
    • Servo Linearisation X-Axis fixed to Control.
    • Table public properties added to Servo Default in Boost Control with Servo class.
    • Servo Minimum and Maximum removed in Boost Control with Servo class.
    • Gear Shift State converted to a data type in Dual Boost Control.
    • Parameter to set Pump Duty Cycle when in Shutdown added to Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump.
  • Engine Speed axis added to Boost Servo Linearisation table.
  • Fuel Timing Primary Main Nominal axis (Fuel Mass) sites increased
  • Boost Control Feed Forward Main axis (Fuel Mass) sites increased.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation control system updates and bug fixes.
  • Engine Output Test bug fixed.
  • Fuel Output supply voltage converted to a table with Coolant Temperature and Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 as axes.
  • Engine Crank Switch and Relay added.
  • Glow plug light not working during cranking bug fixed.
  • Throttle Output changed to Throttle Solenoid Bank 1. Throttle Solenoid Bank 2 added


  • Diesel specifc CAN transmit message addresses changed to 0x690-7.


  • Fuel Pressure Primary Direct HP5S channels added to CAN Transmit (0x685).
  • Throttle output help updated.
  • System updated to version


  • M130 configuration added.


  • Throttle shutdown bug fixed.
  • Throttle pedal filter added.
  • Engine Load Average reset bug fixed.
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.0045.
    • Boost and Boost Servo systems combined.
    • Fuel Pressure Primary Direct override added.
  • Diesel specific CAN transmit messages added.


  • Fuel Cylinder N Primary Output Polarity changed from constant to parameter.
  • Updated Build version.


  • GPA Diesel (M130 and M150) configurations added.


  • Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate table Throttle Position axis changed to Throttle Pedal.
  • Upgraded to system version 51.
  • Ford Ranger and Sample subsystem removed.
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.0034.
    • Boost Control Feed Forward Main table Boost Aim axis sites updated to 11.
    • Boost Control Maximum converted from parameter to table.
  • LTC Enable conditions updated
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.0036.
    • Control Fuel Temperature added to Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump.
  • Throttle Pedal Filtered added.


  • Migrated to Diesel Master Project.


  • Ford Ranger subsystem added.


  • Boost Servo has Aim Test and Default positions


  • Alternator output has High Side Drive option


  • All Piezo injector outputs may be assigned
  • Boost Actuator Test has Duty Cycle Parameter

Prior Versions

  • Initial release.


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