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< GPR-DI Proportional Pump (M141).February 2016

Package GPR-DI Proportional Pump (M141).February 2016 "BMW N54 Tuning Base 98 Octane 1 bar max boost"

GPR-DI Proportional Pump (M141).February 2016
BMW N54 Tuning Base 98 Octane 1 bar max boost
GPR-DI Proportional Pump (M141).February 2016

Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
BMW 135 2007 Car Engine Tuning Base ECU

Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0001)

  • System version updated to 54.
  • MoTeC Control module updated to 01.12.0033.


  • Added feature: Vehicle Speed Limit Pit can be varied based on new Driver Pit Speed Switch.
  • Bugfix Gear Shift Timing may use timing of previous shift type on occasion.

Previous version: February 2016, 01.00.0002

Package Notes

Make: BMW

Model: 135

Model Year: 2007

Target: Car

Integration type: Engine Tuning Base ECU

Engine Variant: N54B30

Fuel: Petrol / Gasoline

Fuel Octane: 98 RON

Injectors: OEM Std.

Cams: OEM Std.

Cylinder head(s): OEM Std.

Exhaust manifold: OEM Std.

Inlet manifold: OEM Std.

Turbo: OEM Std.

Waste gate: OEM Std.

Ignition system: OEM Std.

Coils: OEM Std.

Idle control: OEM Std. DBW

Throttle: OEM Std.


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