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< Honda Civic Type R 2017 K20C.June 2018

Package Honda Civic Type R 2017 K20C.June 2018 "Honda Civic FK8 Start File v5"

Honda Civic Type R 2017 K20C.June 2018
Honda Civic FK8 Start File v5
Honda Civic Type R 2017 K20C.June 2018

Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
Honda Civic Type R 2017 - 18 Car Engine Tuning Base ECU

Release Notes

Current Version (01.09.0005)

  • Honda Civic Type R module updated to version 1.1.1.
    • Module renamed to Honda Civic Type R.
    • Honda Civic Type R 2015 class added.

June 2018, 01.09.0001

  • M1 Build updated v1.4.1.109+ Help XML Formatting and Compile Options.


  • MoTeC OE Honda Civic Type R 2017 module updated to v 1.0.13
    • Cruise Control Acceleration Limit validation.
    • Clear DTC function added.


  • Fuel Purge compile option added
  • Engine Overrun Request channel added


  • System updated to version
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.46.
  • Combined Boost and Boost Servo.
  • MoTeC Output module updated to version 1.9.6.
  • Engine Torque calculation added.
  • Gear Input Shaft Speed Sensor added.
  • Honda Civic Type R 2017 vehicle integration package initial release. Based on GPR-DI (M142). Extra features include:
    • Combined Boost and Boost Servo class.
    • Coolant Temperature 2 Sensor and Warning.
    • Engine Run Time added to Engine Oil Pressure Warning.
    • Fixed Engine Speed Reference Mode and Engine Cylinder Top Dead Centres
    • Engine Torque calculation.
    • Fuel Purge Control System.
    • Modified Gear Estimate and Lever.
    • Gear Input Shaft Speed Sensor
    • Honda specific transmit and recieve CAN messaging.
    • Control of Honda specific LIN Alternator, Fan, Power relays, Reverse Lockout, Reverse Switch, Starter and Cruise control.
    • Drive Mode added to Throttle Pedal Translation.
  • LIN communications added.


  • Build upgraded to version 1.4.1.
  • All GP variants combined into GP Master Project.

Previous version: February 2016, 01.07.0005

Package Notes

From Honda Civic Start File v4

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Type R

Model Year: 2017-18

Target: Car

Integration type: Engine Tuning Base ECU

Engine Variant: K20C

Fuel: Petrol / Gasoline

Fuel Octane: 98 RON

Injectors: OEM Std.

Cams: OEM Std.

Compression: 9.8:1

Cylinder head(s): OEM Std.

Exhaust manifold: OEM Std.

Inlet manifold: OEM Std.

Turbo: OEM Std.

Waste gate: OEM Std.

Ignition system: OEM Std.

Coils: OEM Std.

Idle control: OEM Std. DBW

Boost control: Waste gate

Restrictor: N/A

Throttle: OEM Std.

CAN Nodes: LTC/Vehicle

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