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< Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017

Package Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017 "Manual Transmission OE Injectors MY2017+"

Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017
Manual Transmission OE Injectors MY2017+
Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017

Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
Toyota 86 (FA20D Engine) 2017 Car Vehicle Custom Plug-In ECU

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Update to System 1.4, compatible with GPR Feb 2016 Versions


  • Fix Cruise Control / Engine Overrun interaction.
  • Set wheel speeds to 0 when faulty or on dyno.
  • Delay wheel speed source switch.
  • Added Fuel Flow Scaling to improve display.
  • Bugfix MAP Estimate Main table Q function when Mode is Boost Pressure Relative.
  • Expose Delay parameters for Fuel Direct Injection Warning


  • Support for Automatic transmission models.
  • Cruise Control added.
  • Fuel Flow corrected to improve dash Fuel Tank Level display.
  • OE Traction enable button may be used for Traction enable.
  • Manual Air Conditioner support added.
  • Wheel speeds may be derived from OE ABS system or hard wired.


  • Bug fix where downshift throttle blip does not cancel.
  • Bug fix where idle entry conditions sometimes not met.


  • Initial Release.
Package Notes

Make: Toyota

Model: 86 (FA20D Engine)

Model Year: 2017+

Target: Car

Integration type: Vehicle Custom Plug-In ECU

Fuel: Petrol / Gasoline

Fuel Octane: 98 RON

Injectors: OEM Std.

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