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< GPA (M170).February 2016

Package GPA (M170).February 2016 "Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency Migration Base v2"

GPA (M170).February 2016
Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency Migration Base v2
GPA (M170).February 2016

Release Notes

Current Version (01.10.0010)

  • Engine Speed Pin Hysteresis axis sites increased to 6. (UI #0031)
  • Engine Overrun Ignition Timing Advance and Retard Rate minimum validation limit increased to 2deg/s. (UI #0031)
  • Not exiting idle during zero throttle downshift (No gear shift system) bug fixed. (UI #0244)
  • Vehicle Speed activate condition added to Auxiliary Output 1-5. (UI #0245)
  • Vehicle Speed axis added to Auxiliary Output 2 and 3 Duty Cycle. (UI #0245)
  • Auxiliary Output 5 Channel converted to Hybrid Sensor. (UI #0246)
  • Ignition Timing State and Ignition Timing Cut State ECU CAN transmit value changed to unsigned. (UI #0247)
  • Turbocharger Bank 1 and 2 Speed, Temperature Inlet, Temperature Outlet and Pressure Inlet added to ECU CAN transit (0x6A6-7). (UI #0248)


  • Engine Overrun Ignition Timing Limit Advance not tracking Engine Overrun Ignition Timing Target bug fixed.


  • Bosch ABS M4 changed to Bosch ABS (M4 and M5). (UI #0162)
  • Bosch Wiper added. (UI #0161)
  • LIN system added to run Bosch Wiper. (UI #0161)
  • Bosch Sensor (MM5.10) added. (UI #0071)
  • Vehicle Roll and Pitch with Rate Sensors added.
  • Duty Cycle parameter added to Coolant Pump Test (UI #0091).
  • Engine Speed Axis added to Coolant Pressure Warning (UI #0138).
  • Gear Shift Throttle Aim can be set for upshifts. This allows for torque reductions, during an upshift, by reducing the throttle opening (UI #0207).
  • Gear Shift Engine Speed Mode (Up, Down, Power On, Power Off) and Gear Shift Current (Current Gear as updated by Gear Shift) axes added to Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit Ignition Range, Fuel Range and Fuel Margin.
  • Idle Mass Flow Disabled parameter added to fix the position of an Idle Stepper Motor or Solenoid when Idle is Disabled (UI #0217, #0233, #0234).
  • Transmission Pump Relay cycling when in fault mode bug fixed (UI #0223).
  • M1 General 0x650 version number updated to 5. M1 General 0x6A0 version number added (UI #0224).
  • Engine Oil Temperature Engine Speed Limit activating when no oil temperature sensor is used bug fixed (UI #0230).
  • Inlet Air Temperature axis added to Engine Charge Cooling Primary and Engine Charge Cooling Secondary tables. The purpose of this extra axis is to compensate for the change in fuel evaporation which occurs due to change in inlet air temperature. (UI #0231).
  • Engine Overrun Ignition Timing Target converted to a table with engine speed as the axis (UI #0236).
  • Condition to exit Idle when Gear value changes added (UI #0239).
  • MoTeC Control updated to v 1.12.61
    • Added Boost Pressure Default and change the fallback strategy (UI #0225).
    • Fix Boost Maximum when using a Boost Pressure Sensor (UI #0225).
    • Boost Pressure Warning enabled when Boost Pressure is above Boost Activate (previously was enabled when above 0).
  • MoTeC Warning updated to v 1.4.8


  • System updated to version
  • Bosch OE Integration module updated to v1.0.12
    • Various updates
    • Bosch ABS class added. This supersedes Bosch ABS M4 class.
    • Type parameter added to Bosch ABS class. This type parameter allows users to select between Bosch M4 and M5 ABS units.
    • Extra CAN messaging for Bosch M5 ABS unit added to Bosch ABS class.
    • ABS Position Switch added to Bosch ABS class added. This position switch is transmitted via CAN to the Bosch ABS (M5 Only) module.
    • ABS Position Switch transmit message length corrected.
    • System updated to version
    • MoTeC Input module added.
    • Firmware resources modified in Bosch ABS class.
    • Roll Rate and Acceleration added to Bosch ABS class.
    • Bosch LIN Wiper class added.
    • Bosch Inertial Sensor MM510 class CAN ID Message format changed to hexadecimal.
    • Stopped Bosch ABS class writing to Firmware Resources when CAN Bus is Not in Use.
  • MoTeC Ambient Pressure module updated to v 1.3.3
    • Estimate Mode parameter added to Ambient Pressure class. (UI #0159)
    • Estimate only used if Mode is Enabled and an Inlet Manifold Pressure Senor is in use. (UI #0159)
  • MoTeC Control updated to v 1.12.55
    • Gear Shift State converted to a data type in Dual Boost Control.
    • Pressure Warning added to all Boost Control classes. (UI #0128)
    • Input tags removed from Throttle Servo classes. (UI #0015)
  • MoTeC Coolant Fan module updated to v 1.6.4
    • Enable Coolant Temperature Hysteresis changed to Temperature Delta. (UI #0020)
  • MoTeC Fuel module updated to v1.17.9
    • Duty Cycle Warning added to Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class. (UI #0129)
    • Maximum Validation Limit removed from Fault Delay of Fuel Closed Loop Classes. (UI #0139)
    • Fuel Closed Loop going into fault after long overrun bug fixed. (UI #0216)
  • MoTeC GPS module updated to v 1.7.7
    • GPS Altitude channel resolution reduced to 1m to increase max altitude when received from dash. (UI #0018)
    • GPS Valid channel incorrect when received from dash bug fixed. (UI #0164)
  • MoTeC Input module updated to v 1.10.22
    • Pressure sensor may use Hybrid resource.
    • Add Mass Air Flow type with Hybrid resource (requires Schema update from MoTeC Online)
    • Add Mapping Not in Use to Indexed switch, used when Index is Not in Use.
    • Add Index of Default to Indexed Switch, allows Mapping Default to set the switch value manually.
    • Latchable Switch class modified to improve migration from Universal Switch class.
    • Engine Speed parameter for Turbocharger Speed class Diagnostic added. (UI #0154)
    • Diagnostic public properties can be set externally on Voltage class.
  • MoTeC LTC module updated to v1.9.2
    • Add 'Vs' channel to receive from LTCN. (UI #0185)
  • MoTeC Lap Time module updated to v 1.9.3
    • System updated to version
    • Modules Updated
  • MoTeC Output module updated to v1.9.8
    • Hold minimum validation set to 0 in Fuel Pump Relay class. (UI #0209)
  • MoTeC Warning module updated to v 1.4.7
    • Change Warning with torque limit to Warning with Limits.
    • Add Throttle Limit option to warning.
    • Fixed behaviour if warning reactivates before the reset delay expires (stays in Limit).
    • Changed behaviour, the activate and limit delays are applied only after the system is enabled.
    • Hysteresis Quantity and Display Unit can be set independent of Minimum and Maximum. (UI #0020)
    • Hysteresis validation bug fixed.
  • MoTeC Wastegate Pressure Control module updated to v 1.3.14
    • Remove integral term from closed loop control. This is a self integrating control system.
    • Remove dead band timer (control stops the moment the dead band is entered) .
    • Split Actuator Minimum setting into increase and decrease settings respectively.
    • Correct help.
    • Fix issue where a large value for Pressure could be displayed when the sensor was not in use or in fault. (UI #0186)
    • Update code refinement.
  • All Temperature Hysteresis Quantities changed to Temperature Delta. (UI #0020)
  • Driver Fuel Mixture Aim Main Switch added to Alternative Fuel Mixture Aim axis. (UI #0105)
  • Driver Fuel Ignition Timing Main Switch added to Alternative Fuel Ignition Timing and Alternative Fuel Ignition Timing Blend axis. (UI #0105)
  • Faulty MAP sensor causing incorrect calculation of differential pressure bug fixed. (UI #0150, #0014, #0211)
  • Auxiliary Output inverted duty cycle bug fixed (UI #0013).
  • Clutch Slip calculated as speed difference. Clutch Slip Ratio channel added. (UI #0183, #0102)
  • Coolant Pressure and Transmission Pressure update rates increased to 50Hz. (UI #0034)
  • Driver, Air Conditioner Request and Transmission Brake Switches converted to Latchable Switch class. (UI #0158)
  • Engine Speed axes added to ECU Battery Diagnostic High and Low. (UI #0148)
  • Auxiliary Output 1-5 Output Duty Cycles added to ECU CAN Transmit message 0x6A0-1. (UI #0043)
  • Auxiliary Time, Boost Limit Disable, Engine Speed Limit Maximum, Fuel Mixture Aim Main Ignition Timing Main, Race Time Reset, Throttle Pedal Translation, Transmission Brake Bump and Wheel Circumference Driver Switches added to ECU CAN Transmit message 0x64E. (UI #0041)
  • Auxiliary Output 1-5 Output Duty Cycles added to ECU CAN Transmit message 0x6A0-1. (UI #0043)
  • ECU CAN Transmit v5. (UI #0036, #0041, #0043)
  • Driver Rotary Switches 7 and 8 added to ECU CAN Transmit message 0x65C. (UI #0040)
  • Engine Run Time Total maximum value increased to 37282 hours with 8s resolution.
  • Engine Oil Temperature Engine Speed Limit added. (UI #0141)
  • fuel Injector Primary and Secondary Duty Cycle Warning added to port injectors. (UI #0129)
  • Engine Oil Pressure and Crankcase Pressure update rates increased to 100Hz. (UI #0034).
  • Race Time Boost limit modified to only be applied when Race Time is greater than 0 and less than this tables maximum Race Time axis site. (UI #0190)
  • Exhaust Lambda update Rates increased. (UI #0101)
  • Fuel Used Correction reverted to parameter to fix calculation bug (UI #0022).
  • Race Time Fuel Mixture Aim modified to only be applied when Race Time is greater than 0 and less than this tables maximum Race Time axis site. (UI #0193)
  • Anti Lag Recovery State added to Anti Lag Fuel Cut, Ignition Cut and Ignition Timing. (UI #0037)
  • Fuel Composition and Exhaust Temperature Boost Limits only apply when the sensor provides a valid value (UI #0026).
  • Delay only added to Gear Estimate non-forward gear detection (UI #0029).
  • Gear Estimate Tolerance converted to a table. (UI #0104)
  • Reverse Switch added for improved Gear Estimate detection (UI #0029, #0152).
  • Idle Stepper holding incorrect position bug fixed (UI #0016).
  • Test mode with step Aim added to Idle Actuator Stepper. (UI #0068)
  • Ignition Test Timing validation limits increased. (UI #0088)
  • Nitrous Engine Speed Limit condition incorrectly disabled if Traction is enabled bug fixed. (UI #0035)
  • Nitrous Fuel Volume Compensation replace with Nitrous Fuel Mass Flow to fix calculation bug.
  • Nitrous Bottle Pressure Fuel Mass Flow Trim added (UI #0121).
  • Race Time Ignition Timing Trim, fuel Mixture Aim. Boost Limit, throttle Limit and Update rate increased to 100Hz.
  • RS232 settings removed from M130 and M170 configurations. (UI #0038).
  • Clutch Slip included in Traction Engine Speed Limit calculation. (UI #0183).
  • Throttle Pedal Translation Switch converted to Indexed Nine Position Switch.
  • Transmission Brake Bump Doesn't work when no Throttle Servo bug fixed. (UI #0030)
  • Warning Mode for ECU Battery Diagnostic added. (UI #0148)
  • Various help updates (UI #0019, #0027, #0166, #0210).


  • M1 Build updated v1.4.1.109+ Help XML Formatting and Compile Options.


  • Engine Overrun Request channel added


  • System updated to version
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.46.
  • MoTeC Output module updated to version 1.9.6.
  • LIN communications added.


  • Build upgraded to version 1.4.1.
  • All GP variants combined into GP Master Project.

Previous version: 01.07.0005

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