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< GPR Rotary (M190).June 2017

Package GPR Rotary (M190).June 2017 "Throttle Based Start File v3"

GPR Rotary (M190).June 2017
Throttle Based Start File v3
GPR Rotary (M190).June 2017

Release Notes

Current Version (1.01.0031)

  • Engine Efficiency maximum validation limit increased.
  • All Temperature Hysteresis Quantities changed to Temperature Delta.
  • Gear Shift Timing not updated bug fixed.
  • MoTeC Fuel module updated to 1.17.18
    • Secondary Fuel Conversion factor bug fixed in Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class.
    • Enrichment and Enleament added Positive and Negative in Transient Fuel Class.
    • Activate Throttle Pedal added to Angle and Dual Closed Loop class.
    • Duty Cycle Warning added to Port Injector Rotary and Port Injector Saturated class.
    • Maximum Validation Limit removed from Fault Delay of Fuel Closed Loop Classes.
    • Fuel Closed Loop going into fault after long overrun bug fixed.
  • MoTeC Coolant Fan module updated to v 1.6.4
    • Enable Coolant Temperature Hysteresis changed to Temperature Delta.
  • MoTeC Warning module updated to v 1.4.12
    • Hysteresis Quantity and Display Unit can be set independent of Minimum and Maximum.
    • Warning Minimum Hysteresis validation bug fixed
    • Add Throttle Limit option to warning.
    • Fixed behaviour if warning re-actives before the reset delay expires (stays in Limit)
    • Changed behaviour, the activate and limit delays are applied only after the system is enabled.
  • MoTeC OE Mazda RX8 2004 v1.0.5
    • Warning and Cruise modules replaced with data type public property.
    Migration Notes;
    • Ensure all Temperature Hysteresis channels are set correctly.


  • Ignition Timing Trailing Limit Relative Minimum, Relative Maximum, Advance and Retard added. (UI #0018)
  • MoTeC Ignition module updated to 1.11.0011
    • Trailing Limit Relative Minimum, Relative Maximum, Advance and Retard added to Dual Rotary Spark Plug with knock class. (UI #0018)
    • Ignition Timing Object input category can be set externally.
  • Throttle reduction on upshifts with recovery added to Gear Shift. (UI #0010)
  • Extended Gear Shift clutch disengaged calculation. (UI #0010)


  • Build Help XML Formatting and Compile Options.
  • GPR M170 and M190 configurations added.
  • Gear Shift State Calculation updated to match GPR v1.7.5.


  • Rotary Master Project created.
  • Package upgrades updated.
  • System upgraded to version
  • MoTeC Bosch OE Integration module upgraded to version 1.0.0006.
  • MoTeC Control module upgraded to version 1.12.0046.
  • MoTeC LTC module upgraded to version 1.9.0002.
  • MoTeC Wastegate Pressure Control module upgraded to version 1.3.0011.
  • Tertiary injectors with secondary fuel calculation modified to only allow secondary fuel on tertiary injectors if secondary injectors are configured.
  • Coolant Dual Speed Fans moved to Mazda group
  • M1 Transmit 0x650 message (Driver Switches) added.
  • Engine Number of Rotors changed to Engine Rotors.
  • Diagnostic condition removed from Engine Speed Limit calculation.
  • Ignition Timing Limit Advance changed to Ignition Timing.
  • Ignition Timing Trailing updated to include Ignition Timing Leading Trim when in relative mode.
  • Ignition Rotor 1-4 Leading and Trailing Trim Main table axes corrected.
  • Warning Mode CAN Bus 2 and 3 Diagnostic added.
  • MoTeC Mazda RX8 module upgraded to version 1.0.0004.
    • Driver Switch Index Enumeration.
  • Knock Trim Enable added.


  • MoteC Ignition module updated to 1.11.0005
  • Knock indication only state added.
  • Increased validation limits on ignition timing parameters.
  • Disabled sensor compensation, trims and boost limits when sensors are set to Not in Use.


  • Gear Input and Output shaft speed sensors added.
  • Turbocharger Bank 2 Pressure added.
  • Trailing Ignition Timing (when in Overrun, Launch, Anti Lag, Idle or Gear Shift Ignition Retard modes) bug fixed.


  • Transient Fuelling added (Fuel Volume Transient).
  • Engine speed limiting disabled when sensors are not ok.
  • Turbocharger Bypass Threshold converted to a table with Vehicle Speed, Race Time and a Driver Switch as axes.
  • Separate Ignition Driver Firing Edge for both leafing and trailing ignitions.
  • MoTeC Ignition module update to 1.11.0004.
  • MoTeC Fuel module update to 1.17.0001.
  • Mazda RX8 OE Integration CAN option to only enable CAN messages for Electronic Power Steering.
  • Fuel Injector SSV Enable ignored if SSV is not in use.
  • Fixed bug were both secondary and tertiary injectors were firing on engine output test (when tertiary was selected).
  • Separate rotor trims for both leading and trailing ignitions added.
  • Engine output test modified to have separate test modes for leading and trailing ignitions.


  • Tertiary fuel added to Fuel Vol Per Cycle.


  • Initial Beta Release.
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