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< Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017

Package Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017 "Manual Transmission OE Injectors MY2012-2016 2019 Update"

Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017
Manual Transmission OE Injectors MY2012-2016 2019 Update
Toyota 86 2012 FA20D.January 2017

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Update to System 1.4, compatible with GPR Feb 2016 Versions


  • Fix Cruise Control / Engine Overrun interaction.
  • Set wheel speeds to 0 when faulty or on dyno.
  • Delay wheel speed source switch.
  • Added Fuel Flow Scaling to improve display.
  • Bugfix MAP Estimate Main table Q function when Mode is Boost Pressure Relative.
  • Expose Delay parameters for Fuel Direct Injection Warning


  • Support for Automatic transmission models.
  • Cruise Control added.
  • Fuel Flow corrected to improve dash Fuel Tank Level display.
  • OE Traction enable button may be used for Traction enable.
  • Manual Air Conditioner support added.
  • Wheel speeds may be derived from OE ABS system or hard wired.


  • Bug fix where downshift throttle blip does not cancel.
  • Bug fix where idle entry conditions sometimes not met.


  • Initial Release.
Package Notes

Recalibrated Engine Efficiency table

Inlet Camshaft Aim table changed

Inlet Camshaft Feed Forward value changed

Inlet Camshaft PID settings changed

Fuel Pressure Direct Aim maximum dropped

Fuel Pressure Direct Daignostic put to correct bank

Fuel Mixture Aim Main table changed

Secondary injectors tuned

Secondary fuel added at top of Engine Speed range

Idle settings changed.

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