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< GP Lite (M130).September 2019

Package GP Lite (M130).September 2019 "TB48DE Turbo Beta Release WS9"

GP Lite (M130).September 2019
TB48DE Turbo Beta Release WS9
GP Lite (M130).September 2019

Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0041)

  • Name changed for switch input to activate Flame functionality (now it is called Flame Enable Switch).

Current Version (01.00.0040)

  • Flame Retard Ignition Timing now a table with Flame Severity Switch axis.
  • Boost Actuator Polarity added.

Version (01.00.0039)

  • Introduce Throttle Position Estimate for failed sensor fallback
  • Bug fix: Update Vehicle Speed calculation to fallback to driven wheel sensors if a sensor has a resource assigned but is not connected
  • Bug fix: ECU CAN Transmit (CAN ID 0x651, changed to Exhaust Temperature Bank 1 from Exhaust Temperature, to match other GPs)

Version (01.00.0036)

  • Initial Release
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