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< Porsche 991.1 2014.January 2021

Package Porsche 991.1 2014.January 2021 "Porsche 991.1 - Turbo - Base"

Porsche 991.1 2014.January 2021
Porsche 991.1 - Turbo - Base
Porsche 991.1 2014.January 2021

Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
Porsche 991.1 2014 Car Vehicle Custom Plug-In ECU

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Added Fuel Composition to Fuel Injector Secondary Contribution Main table as an axis option.
  • Added Fuel Composition Clamp.
  • Fuel Pressure Control Crank added.


  • Throttle Pedal Kickdown Threshold converted to a table based on Porsche State Drive Mode and Vehicle Speed.
  • Porsche TCM Ignore Launch Request added.
  • Driver Race Time Switch added.
  • Race Time Vehicle Speed added.
  • Vehicle Speed Estimate added.
  • Launch Engine Speed Main changed to reference Vehicle Speed Estimate.


  • Fixed Gear updating between gear changes.
  • Throttle Pedal Kickdown Threshold validation limit maximum changed to 101% to allow for permanently disabling this function.


  • Enhancement to Porsche TCM Take Off that prevents activation during First to Second gear upshifts.


  • Added Inlet Manifold Pressure Filter.


  • Porsche TCM Take Off Request added. Porsche TCM Take Off will only be set in First or Reverse.


  • Added support for GT2 RS. See Porsche Model selection.
  • Engine Speed Control Power On setting added. Allows for further refinement of engine speed match tuning via the Engine Speed Control Limit Margin and Engine Speed Control Gain.
  • Porsche Exhaust Valve strategy updated.
  • Porsche Mode Select operation fixed.


  • Boost Limit considered in Engine Load Maximum.
  • Boost Pressure Sensor will always be offset by Ambient Pressure.
  • Fuel Timing Primary Injection Time added.
  • Fuel Timing Primary End added. Informational channel.
  • Porsche Start Request Delay exposed.
  • Fuel Pump ID added.
  • Porsche Mode Select added.
  • Fuel Pressure Control Off added.
  • Fuel Pressure Control Prime added.


  • Removed Torque Demand Bias.


  • Added additional resolution to the clutch pressure logging.
  • Clutch State will enter Take Off mode when indicated to do so by the Porsche TCM via Porsche TCM Take Off becoming Enabled.
    • The following removed as a result:
      • Clutch Slip Detection Post Take Off Delay
      • Clutch Slip Detection Gear Input Shaft Speed Take Off
  • The behavior of Gear Input Shaft Speed has been changed:
    • Will be equal to Porsche TCM Engine Speed Expected when Clutch State is Take Off.
  • Rolling Launch added.
    • Driver Rolling Launch Switch added.
  • Launch system requires that Porsche TCM Launch Request is Enabled before it will engage.


  • Added Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 Current Feed Forward. Informational channel to display the calculated feed forward.
  • Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 Current Resistance is now a table. Tuning this table will improve the accuracy of the feed forward calculation.
  • Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 Battery Voltage Filter added. Provides the fuel pressure control system with a separate battery voltage reading on it's own filter time constant for improved accuracy.
  • Traction system disabled when Porsche TCM State is Down Shift.


  • Added Gear Idle Compensation.
  • Renamed Porsche TCM Gear Input Shaft Speed to Porsche TCM Engine Speed Expected.
  • Added Porsche TCM Gear Output Shaft Speed.
  • Initial clutch relearn compatibility. Although the system will monitor for an active scan tool before the engine is started, Porsche TCM Logging can be disabled before using a diagnostic tool to ensure no collisions as they same protocol is used. Tested on 991.1 Turbo and 991.2 Turbo S variants with Snap On and Autel diagnostic tools.
  • Added Gear Up Shift Decay Time.
    • Updated up shift strategy -- See Gear Up Shift help for the details.
    • System better mimics behavior seen in OEM data captures.
  • Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 Control Feed Forward updated to reference Fuel Volume Per Cycle Primary.
    • While feed forward must be retuned on existing packages migrating to this version, the effort rewards in more predictable fuel pressure control.
  • Clutch Slip Control Tolerance added.
  • Porsche TCM Logging updated and validated to function on 991.1 as well as 991.2 variants.
  • Porsche TCM Clear updated and validated to function on 991.1 as well as 991.2 variants.


  • Initial release of the Porsche 991.1 package based on GPR-DI.

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