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< GPRP Pro (M190).July 2022

Package GPRP Pro (M190).July 2022 "GPRP Pro - Generic 4 Cyl Start File - Non Turbo"

GPRP Pro (M190).July 2022
GPRP Pro - Generic 4 Cyl Start File - Non Turbo
GPRP Pro (M190).July 2022

Release Notes


  • Add missing or useful channels to the ECU Transmit Custom channel selection list.


  • Update Help for ECU Transmit Custom items.
  • Fix Engine Efficiency Adaption from using an unpopulated table (after firmware update).
  • Fix Fuel Injector Primary Duty Cycle Warning Engine Speed Limit was not applied.
  • Update Min/Max validation limits for Engine Oil Pressure Control items.
  • Add Engine Output Test value of All Fuel Ignition. All fuel and ignition outputs will be driven like the engine is running.
  • Gear Shift Rev matching now allows for H Pattern gearboxes and if Wheel Speeds are not available (using GPS Speed)
  • Add Knock Cylinder N Mode of Frequency A B C D. Uses maximum knock level from the 4 frequencies.
  • Add Throttle Aim State of Throttle Area Invalid if the Throttle Area table has values that are not rising which prevent the Throttle from opening properly.


  • Update minimum system version to v1.04.00.0102
  • Revert change to inlet cam position with redundant ref issue. The fix was moved to the system version.


  • Engine Oil Pressure Control Integral calculation improved.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Control Integral Minimum and Maximum added.
  • Engine Oil Temperate axis added to Engine Oil Pressure Aim.
  • Fix Coolant Thermostat can fallback to using Coolant Temperature Head Sensor.
  • CAN Tx of Fuel Injector Primary Differential Pressure on ID 0x657 changed from 0.1kPa to 1kPa resolution. Previously the max pressure was 6.5MPa, not enough for DI.
  • Fix Inlet Manifold Pressure model calculation for dual bank, single throttle engines under certain conditions.


  • Fix Engine Efficiency Adaption disabled.


  • Initial release version, based on over 10 years of MoTeC torque control development.
Package Notes

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