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< Yamaha Sidewinder 2017 (M130).August 2017

Package Yamaha Sidewinder 2017 (M130).August 2017 "Yamaha Sidewinder Genesis Start File V1"

Yamaha Sidewinder 2017 (M130).August 2017
Yamaha Sidewinder Genesis Start File V1
Yamaha Sidewinder 2017 (M130).August 2017

Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
Yamaha Sidewinder 2017 - 2018 Snowmobile Vehicle Custom Plug-In ECU
Arctic Cat XF 9000 2017 - 2018 Snowmobile Vehicle Custom Plug-In ECU

Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0008)

  • Driver Launch Switch event rate increased to 50Hz.


  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.


  • Engine Effeciency table axis updates.
  • Engine Effeciency Boost Compensation added.
  • Quick key script on Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate Main modified to update from Lambda data.


  • Ambient Pressure axis added to Engine Synchronisation Pin Threshold.
  • Build updated to version 1.4.1.


  • No Idle Mass Flow while cranking bug fixed.
  • Disabled sensor compensation, trims and boost limits when sensors are set to Not in Use.


  • Ignition Timing Overall Trim converted to be a table instead of parameter.
  • Fuel Volume Overall Trim converted to be a table instead of parameter.
  • Idle Stepper ramp down bug fixed.


  • Boost Pressure axis added to Fuel Mixture aim table.


  • Boost Pressure axis added to Engine Effeciency and Ignition Timing Main tables.
  • MoTeC OE Yamaha Sidewinder 2017 module updated to version 01.00.0001.
    • Reverse Request Diagnostic added.


  • Initial Release
Package Notes

Make: Yamaha

Model: Sidewinder

Model Year: 2017

Engine Variant: Genesis 998cc 3 Cyl Turbo

Target: Snowmobile

Integration type: Vehicle Custom Plug-In ECU

Fuel: Petrol / Gasoline

Fuel Octane: Premium

Injectors: OEM Std.

Cams: OEM Std.

Compression: OEM Std.

Cylinder head(s): OEM Std.

Exhaust manifold: OEM Std.

Inlet manifold: OEM Std.

Turbo: OEM Std.

Wastegate: OEM Std.

Ignition system: OEM Std.

Coils: OEM Std.

Idle control: OEM Std. DBW

Boost control: Wastegate

Restrictor: N/A

Throttle: OEM Std.

CAN Nodes: LTC/Vehicle

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