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< GPR-DI (M142).July 2015

Package GPR-DI (M142).July 2015 "GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo"

GPR-DI (M142).July 2015
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo
GPR-DI (M142).July 2015

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Implement Resource hiding: objects are not shown in Tune when no resources are assigned.
  • Implement Calibration support: Configured settings for numerous sensors selectable.
  • Tagging of objects for facilitated selection in Tune, especially for logging setup.
  • Resources allow for directly selecting CAN inputs.
  • Test functionalities added: outputs can be activated using test settings.
  • Brake pressures have separate threshold to set Brake State.
  • 2 Switches and 4 Rotary Switches have been added for driver interaction.
  • Added Boost Limit Disable switch.
  • Boost Control and Turbocharger Bypass will be disabled when no Boost Pressure Sensor and Inlet Maifold Pressure Sensor is available.
  • ECU Power Relay powered on during cranking.
  • ECU Receive (CAN): Also compound messages can be received now.
  • Increase size of Engine Efficiency map.
  • Introduce Engine Charge Temperature as a corrected Inlet Air Temperature.
  • Camshafts: Additional output added for VANOS support.
  • Exhaust Temperature Warning now uses highest available temperature as trigger.
  • Fuel Timing Primary: added flexibility to bring forward start of injection when injector duty cycle comes close to 100%.
  • Fuel Direct Injection Diagnostic refined.
  • Added Fuel Temperature Estimate as a fall back value.
  • Added 2 Fuel Flow sensors.
  • Adjusted Fuel Pressure to better suit regulator types.
  • Gear Position Sensor changed to dual sensor.
  • Added Gear dependent Throttle Limit and Ignition Timing Trim.
  • Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate: modify fallbacks when Mode is Boost Relative.
  • Rename Inlet Manifold Temperature to Inlet Air Temperature.
  • Inlet Manifold Temperature is now describing the inlet manifold body temperature, which can be used to correct the Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (for example in case of heat soak problems).
  • Switched inlet camshaft added.
  • Ignition Coil Charge Time Trim added for scaling of the time in dependency of engine load.
  • Idle Throttle Pedal Blend for acceleration feel adjustment.
  • Idle Stepper motor support added.
  • Intercooler: additional Ambient Temperature threshold, more flexible temperature delta calculation.
  • Knock: It can be selected which frequencies contribute to the determined knock level.
  • LTC Enable CAN message (0x480) can be deactivated.
  • Lap Time: Can now also be sourced from a GPS input.
  • Tachometer output pin measurement.
  • Throttle Position Estimate added as a fall back when no valid source for Throttle Position is available.
  • Throttle Servo can be reinitialised after an error.
  • Throttle Servo and Pedal support nonlinear tracking sensors.
  • Added Vehicle Speed Limit functionality.
  • Delay switching Vehicle Speed sources to consider spinning wheels.

Base version: December 2014, 01.00.0000

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