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< GPR-DI (M182).February 2016

Package GPR-DI (M182).February 2016 "GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo"

GPR-DI (M182).February 2016
GM LLT 3.6 Hi Lo
GPR-DI (M182).February 2016

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Allow minimum lambda value of 0.2 for quick lambda tuning methods.
  • Bugfix VCS transmit.
  • Wheel circumference adjustable with driver switch.
  • Added injector locations before throttle: airbox or boost referenced for injector differential pressure calculation.
  • Vehicle Speed: bugfix detection if wheel speed sensor in use.
  • Gear Shift functionality improved as per GPRP.
  • Widen Throttle Servo zeroing.
  • Rotary switches: reduce Tolerance minimum validation.
  • Added 2 stage nitrous system.
  • Added Transmission Brake Bump system.
  • Added Transmission Pressure sensor.
  • Added Temperature sensors pre and post turbo.
  • Added Turbocharger Wastegate Position sensor.
  • Turn off Traction control when gearbox is H pattern and Clutch is not engaged.
  • Added Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Trim table for simple sensor corrections.
  • Bugfix Intercooler Ambient Temperature enable.
  • Bugfix Gear Shift Mode.
  • Bugfix Inlet Mass Flow calculation for two-stroke engines.
  • Refined and added settings for DI injectors and DI pump.

Previous version: July 2015, 01.03.0005

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