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< GPR (M170).February 2016

Package GPR (M170).February 2016 "Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency Migration Base."

GPR (M170).February 2016
Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency Migration Base.
GPR (M170).February 2016

Release Notes

Current Version 01.07.0005

  • Fuel Pressure Control handles over pressure correctly.
  • Fuel Temperature Sensor validation limits wider.
  • Alternator output has High side drive option.
  • Boost Servo added.
  • Nine Position switch takes Default position on startup.
  • Throttle Aim Minimum table added for controlled engine braking.
  • Fuel Closed Loop fallback when only one lambda sensor available.
  • Transmission Brake timing error repaired and Vehicle Speed lockout added.
  • Fuel Used has primary correction and secondary correction tables added for improved precision.
  • GPS devices using GLONASS messaging supported.
  • Turbocharger Speed control added.
  • Engine Run Switch defaults to On when Not In Use.
  • Engine Synchronisation can be ignored (for use with Manifold Pressure sync engines).
  • Engine Crank Idle Mass Flow now a table with Coolant Temperature axis.
  • Ignition Timing Cranking now a table with Coolant Temperature axis.


  • Added feature: Vehicle Speed Limit Pit can be varied based on new Driver Pit Speed Switch.
  • Bugfix Gear Shift Timing may use timing of previous shift type on occasion.

Previous version: February 2016, 01.07.0002

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