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< GPR (M150).February 2016

Package GPR (M150).February 2016 "Ford Coyote Tuning Base"

GPR (M150).February 2016
Ford Coyote Tuning Base
GPR (M150).February 2016

Make Model Model Year Target Integration Type
Ford Coyote 2011 Car Engine Tuning Base ECU

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Added Flex Fuel functionality using a fuel composition sensor.
  • Added possibility to run a different fuel on the secondary injectors.
  • Added PWM fuel pump control.
  • Bugfix unit mismatches in Nitrous system.
  • Added additional turbocharger speed and wastegate position sensors.
  • Added auxiliary PWM output using a configurable wired or CAN sensor input to define the duty cycle.
  • Added Bosch ABS CAN support.

Previous version: February 2015, 01.07.0000

Package Notes

Make: Ford

Model: Coyote

Model Year: 2011

Target: Car

Integration type: Engine Tuning Base ECU

Engine Variant: Mustang

Fuel: Petrol / Gasoline

Fuel Octane: 98 RON

Injectors: OEM Std.

Cams: OEM Std.

Compression: 11:1

Cylinder head(s): OEM Std.

Exhaust manifold: OEM Std.

Inlet manifold: OEM Std.

Turbo: N/A

Waste gate: N/A

Ignition system: OEM Std.

Coils: OEM Std.

Idle control: OEM Std. DBW

Boost control: N/A

Restrictor: N/A

Throttle: OEM Std.


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