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< GPR (M170).February 2016

Package GPR (M170).February 2016 "Nissan SR20-DET Turbo Tuning base"

GPR (M170).February 2016
Nissan SR20-DET Turbo Tuning base
GPR (M170).February 2016

Make Model Target Integration Type
Nissan SR20-DET Car Engine Tuning Base ECU

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Added Flex Fuel functionality using a fuel composition sensor.
  • Added possibility to run a different fuel on the secondary injectors.
  • Added PWM fuel pump control.
  • Bugfix unit mismatches in Nitrous system.
  • Added additional turbocharger speed and wastegate position sensors.
  • Added auxiliary PWM output using a configurable wired or CAN sensor input to define the duty cycle.
  • Added Bosch ABS CAN support.

Previous version: February 2015, 01.07.0000

Package Notes

Make: Nissan

Model: SR20-DET

Model Years: 1991-1994

Target: Car

Integration type: Engine Tuning Base ECU

Engine Variant: S13 Turbo

Fuel: E85

Fuel Octane: 105 RON

Injectors: ID1000

Cams: OEM Std.

Compression: 8.75:1

Cylinder head(s): OEM Std.

Exhaust manifold: OEM Std.

Inlet manifold: OEM Std.

Turbo: GT28

Waste gate: Internal GT28

Ignition system: CDI 4 Channel 41011

Coils: Mercury CDI Coils 42024

Idle control: OEM Std. PWM valve

Boost control: MAC 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA

Restrictor: 36mm

Throttle: OEM Std.


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