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Firmware Lexus 2UR-GSE 2008.January 2017

M142 Firmware


Lexus 2UR-GSE 2008
January 2017 (1.00)
Lexus 2UR-GSE 2008.January 2017
M1 LICENCE - LEXUS 2UR-GSE 2008 (23083)


Available (extra cost)


Packages for this Version: January 2017
Name Version
Tuning Base v2 January 2017 (1.00.0004)
Tuning Base January 2017 (1.00.0003)
Release Notes

Current Version (01.00.0004)

  • Cruise control added.
  • System updated to
  • MoTeC Output module updated to v1.9.7
  • MoTeC Input module updated to v1.10.25
    • Improve Dual Driven Wheel Speed efficiency and diagnostic reporting (for Cruise control).
    • Old Name cleared from all Resources.
    • Latchable Switch class modified to improve migration from Universal Switch class.
    • Engine Speed parameter for Turbocharger Speed class Diagnostic added.
    • Add Mapping Not in Use to Indexed switch, used when Index is Not in Use.
    • Add Index of Default to Indexed Switch, allows Mapping Default to set the switch value manually.
    • Add Mass Air Flow type with Hybrid resource (requires Schema update from MoTeC Online)
    • Pressure sensor may use Hybrid resource.
  • MoTeC Wastegate Pressure Control module updated to v1.3.16
    • Large pressure value when not in use bug fixed.
    • Remove integral term from closed loop control. This is a self integrating control system.
    • Remove deadband timer (control stops the moment the dead band is entered).
    • Split Actuator Minimum setting into increase and decrease settings respectively.
    • Correct help.
    • Fix issue where a large value for Pressure could be displayed when the sensor was not in use or in fault.
    • Update code refinement.


  • Throttle Servo Fault Engine Speed Limit applied when Throttle Servo Bank N Diagnostic is Power Save.


  • Initial release

    Base version: GPR-DI (M142), February 2016, 01.05.0003


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