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< Lamborghini Huracan 2014 Slave.October 2018

Package Lamborghini Huracan 2014 Slave.October 2018 "2018 Performante stock, base start, 98 oct."

Lamborghini Huracan 2014 Slave.October 2018
2018 Performante stock, base start, 98 oct.
Lamborghini Huracan 2014 Slave.October 2018

Release Notes
The Migration Notes (if applicable) lists the changes required when upgrading, to maintain the same functionality from the previous version.


  • Add check of firmware versions between Bank 1 and Bank 2 ECUs. If there is a mismatch, the engine will not crank.

Current Version 1.06.0778

  • Fix Inlet Manifold Flap Diagnostic reporting an issue when a non peak/hold injector output is used.


  • Improve Engine Overrun Torque Threshold comparison.


  • Add Vehicle Speed Limit system.


  • Fix Cruise control speed limit mode, incorrectly reducing torque when activating the speed limit while Vehicle Speed is over the Cruise Speed Margin Above the Cruise Speed.
  • Fix Fuel Pump Sub 1 and 2 not activating. Introduced in v1.06.0677.
  • Add Lap Dash beacons. Trigger a lap beacon from a beacon triggered in a Motec dash.
  • When Launch State is Staging, hold the Launch Engine Speed Main value for 0 speed to preventing wheel speed sensor noise, or creeping, or GPS Speed drift from changing the Launch Engine Speed while Staging.
  • Fix Transfer Control Diagnostic falsely reporting an Aim Tracking Warning when the Aim pressure/current was 0.
  • Prevent Vehicle Speed Estimate Model from modelling speeds less then 0.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate State of Vehicle Speed Fallback to more accurately describe when the fallback condition was being used. Previously Wheel Speed was reported at this time.


  • Fix Nitrous Reset Engine Speed condition. Previously the condition only worked if Engine Speed was below the Minimum and above the Maximum. Now operates as described in the help.


  • Add Ambient Density (air density) channel, based on Ambient Pressure and Ambient Temperature.
  • Ambient Temperature now defaults to 20degC if the Sensor or Airbox Temperature Sensor is not available.
  • Add 'Huracan Expander Output N Drive' settings (Bank 2 ECU) to allow HB outputs assigned to Expander to drive high side.
  • Add Torque Wheel Braking table. To tune the torque applied to the wheels by braking. This is applied to the Torque Wheel and Torque Wheel Pedal channels.
  • Remove Traction Model Down Force Air Density, now uses the Ambient Density channel.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate Model, for more accurately estimating vehicle speed from delayed, slow and noisy sources of vehicle speed.
  • Removed Vehicle Speed Estimate GPS Translation. Now use Vehicle Speed Estimate Model.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Limit Over Speed Hysteresis to prevents decelerating vehicle from increasing torque until under the speed limit.
  • Add Vehicle Drag Coefficient, Vehicle Frontal Area and Vehicle Rolling Resistance settings.
  • Add Vehicle Aero Drag and Vehicle Rolling Drag channels.


  • Added Anti Lag Torque Aim Brake Pressure Trim.
  • Added Anti Lag Fuel Cut Exhaust Temperature Trim.
  • Changed Cruise when in Speed Limit mode, the Cruise Control Acceleration Limit is no longer applied and control starts when Cruise Vehicle Speed is within the Cruise Speed Margin Below of Cruise Speed.
  • Removed some duplicate tuning items between ECUs and moved some items to the Master ECU. While the tuning of the duplicate items should have been the same between the ECUs, if there was a difference then this difference can no longer be maintained. The following settings are now only tuned in the Master ECU and used by the Slave -
    • Exhaust Camshaft Bank 2 Position Offset. This must be manually migrated.
    • Inlet Camshaft Bank 2 Position Offset. This must be manually migrated.
    • Knock Threshold.
    • Knock Ignition Timing Limit.
    • Knock Ignition Cut Threshold.
    • Ignition Coil Charge Time.
    • Ignition Coil Charge Time Maximum.
    • Ignition Coil Charge Time Minimum.
    • Ignition Coil Charge Time Restrike.
  • Add Fuel Pump ID Diagnostic to the Warning Source. A fault in the ID Pump can now activate the Warning Light.
  • Add Transfer Torque Steering Angle Trim, to adjust the amount of AWD lock when turning.


  • All Fuel Pressure related objects units changed to report Gauge pressure or Delta pressure. The Fuel Pressure Sensor already reported Gauge pressure, however the unit used was non descriptive pressure. This change defines the result as gauge pressure. Tuning data migration will fail due to this change. See manual migration notes below.
  • Add pressure sensor Type setting to -
    • Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 2 Sensor
    • Fuel Pressure Auxiliary Sensor
  • Channels added to the Indexed Channel list.
  • Add Voltage measurements to the following output groups -
    • Engine Oil Pressure Actuator Output
    • Fuel Pressure Control Pump Output
    • 'Huracan Expander Output N'
  • Add Q quick tune to Engine Oil Pressure Control Feed Forward.
  • Fix Fuel Injector Primary Differential Pressure Bank 2 incorrect in the Bank 2 ECU when using the fallback (high pressure rail sensor fault or not used)
  • Fix Huracan Brake Vacuum Pressure by adding 20kPa offset.
  • Prevent Launch from activating if Brake State is Unknown or Sensor Fault.
  • Improve Transfer Control Diagnostic and add Transfer Control Diagnostic Torque Limit.
  • Add Driver Fuel Pump Test Switch and add Driver Switch option to all Fuel Pump outputs. Also change the test so it can only be activated with the engine stopped.
  • Change Vehicle Speed Estimate Mode to a Driver Switch so that the Mode can be changed while driving.
  • Add Gear Engine Speed Limit, to change the Engine Speed Limit for different gears.
  • Migration Notes;
    Manually copy/type in the following values -
    • Fuel Pressure Default.
    • Fuel Pressure Direct Aim.
    • Fuel Direct Injection Bank N Warning Minimum, Fuel Direct Injection Bank N Warning Maximum and Fuel Direct Injection Bank N Warning Hysteresis.
    • Fuel Direct injection Diagnostic Threshold and Fuel Direct injection Diagnostic Margin.
    • Vehicle Speed Estimate Mode, set the Index to Default and Mapping Default to the previous package Mode value.


  • Change Boost Control Margin from a parameter to a table with Engine Speed axis. Allows a tighter margin where turbo response is lower.


  • Cruise control, improve integration with other subsystems that also control torque.
  • Cruise control, If speed limiter mode is activated when the Vehicle Speed is above Cruise Speed + Cruise Speed Margin Above, then control will no longer begin until Vehicle Speed is reduced to within the Margin.
  • Allow Engine Overrun to activate when Cruise control speed limiter requests full deceleration.
  • Fix incorrect camshaft diagnostic aim tracking fault after engine start under certain conditions.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate Maximum Deceleration setting, to improve calculation of Vehicle Speed Estimate in case of locking brakes or failing wheel speed sensor/s.


  • Add Huracan Model of Audi R8 GT4 DKAD
  • Fix, Ambient Pressure Estimate could use the wrong value if the Engine Run Switch was turned off and on while driving.
  • Add Inlet Manifold Pressure Maximum Filter to help prevent over boost fuel cut when Boost Aim is reduced when near the Maximum.
  • Add GPS Unix Time channel.
  • Swap Damper Positions left to right.
  • Add User Fixed Value N, to use on Custom CAN Tx.
  • Add User Resource 21 to 30, allows any indexed channel to be written to a firmware resource that can be selected as any sensor resource.


  • Add Anti Lag Fuel Timing Primary. Allows Fuel Timing Primary to be overridden when Anti Lag is active.
  • Change Engine Oil Pressure Control so if the Engine Oil Pressure Sensor fails, the control falls back to using the feed forward value only.
  • Change Fuel Film to increase the update rate of tables that reference Engine Speed. Improves fuel film behaviour on highly responsive engines.
  • Improve Fuel Closed Loop Diagnostic reporting.


  • Fix 'Transfer Control Derivative' value initialisation each time control begins.



  • Update Min/Max validation limits for Engine Oil Pressure Control items.
  • Add Engine Output Test value of All Fuel Ignition. All fuel and ignition outputs will be driven like the engine is running.
  • Add Knock Cylinder N Mode of Frequency A B C D. Uses maximum knock level from the 4 frequencies.
  • Add Throttle Aim State of Throttle Area Invalid if the Throttle Area table has values that are not rising which prevent the Throttle from opening properly.


  • Update minimum system version to v1.04.00.0102
  • Fix Huracan VDC TCS and Stability States were reading the incorrect signals on CAN.
  • Add Huracan Driver Display Index 5, 6 and 7. To display additional driver switches on the tacho.
  • Allow the driver index Huracan Shift M Button Corsa to operate when not in gear.


  • Engine Oil Pressure Control Integral calculation improved.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Control Integral Minimum and Maximum added.
  • Engine Oil Temperature axis added to Engine Oil Pressure Aim.
  • CAN Tx of Fuel Injector Primary Differential Pressure on ID 0x657 changed from 0.1kPa to 1kPa resolution. Previously the max pressure was 6.5MPa, not enough for DI.
  • Fix Inlet Manifold Pressure model calculation for dual bank, single throttle engines under certain conditions.



  • Fix, if non driven wheels report 0, the delay for using the driven wheels for Vehicle Speed was ignored if a CAN based wheel speed was used.


  • Inlet and Exhaust Cam Bank N Position Offset parameter name changed to Inlet and Exhaust Cam Bank N Reference Offset.
  • Updated Cam Phase calibration schema.
  • Fix Launch Exhaust Camshaft Aim and Launch Inlet Camshaft Aim could get latched on after an aborted launch control start.
  • Fix Vehicle Acceleration Lat/Long/Vert Sensor Source set to Internal Z would use the internal X sensor.
  • Add support for GPS NMEA sentence GPVTG that includes GPS Speed and GPS True Course data.


  • Add Transfer Control Pressure Aim and Transfer Actuator Output Duty Cycle channels from Slave to Master ECU for logging.
  • Fix polarity of Fuel Timing Primary Injection Start Limit transmit to Slave ECU.
  • Huracan: Add Transfer (AWD) control integration with vehicle.
  • Improve Ignition Timing Control system code.
  • Add 'Transfer Control Derivative' closed loop component.
  • Include Traction Range for Ignition Timing and Throttle based control methods. Allows driver switch adjustment of the control aggressiveness.
  • Improve Traction Torque Integral calculation.
  • Change Traction Model Wheel Lateral Force to be a ratio of Traction Model Maximum Wheel lateral Force.
  • Add Traction Model Ellipse table. This replaces the Traction Model Ellipse Shape and Traction Model Ellipse Ratio settings, however these settings are still available to automatically generate the Traction Model Ellipse table.


  • Increase Boost Servo power up zero timeout from 0.3 to 1s.
  • Remove Driver Launch Switch. Launch is always enabled if the TCM asks for it. Previously when switched off a soft launch sequence was used. The launch control can just be tuned softly.
  • Fix Launch Engine Speed Limit cut based limiter could get stuck on in rare conditions.
  • Add Launch State of Abort, replaces state of Normal. Abort is used when high coolant or exhaust temp is detected, closing the throttle until the pedal is released.
  • Fix Traction Model weight transfer calculation for FWD vehicles.


  • Update ADR module (improve CAN Rx).
  • Add Activate Switch to Auxiliary Output 2 and 4
  • Move CAN Tx of GPS channels from IDs 0x666 to 0x668 to their own group ECU Transmit GPS using the same format as the GPS on CAN Rx on IDs 0x680 to 0x683. This can be used for Tx to ADR2 or another device.
  • Fix Fuel Timing Primary Injection Start Limit did not always limit the start of injection.
  • Set Fuel Timing Primary Main validation limit to 360degBTDC minimum value.


  • Update ADR to support the ADR2.
  • Fix, in Cruise EnableSpeed Limit mode, the set speed could occasionally not be incremented or decremented normally since the accelerate reset feature was triggered incorrectly.
  • Fix in Cruise, holding accel or coast buttons should have stepped the speed by the Cruise Speed Change Fast step, but it used the Cruise Speed Change Slow step amount.
  • Add Driver Switch Index value for Huracan Driver Mode Transfer. This can differ to the engines driver mode on an R8 in 'Individual' mode.
  • Add Transfer (AWD) control subsystem supporting current or pressure closed loop control.
  • Vehicle Speed State of Estimated changed to Drive to match the Vehicle Speed Drive channel that’s used in this state.
  • Add Huracan Damper Position and 100Hz update for G/Yaw sensor, if slave ECU wired to Running Gear CAN Bus.
  • Throttle Area table Quick Adjust, previously the tuned value could be clamped by neighbouring values. Now the neighbouring values are pushed out of the way.


  • Fix Engine Overrun not considering when Anti Lag was active.


  • Remove Cruise Control Integral Gain maximum validation limit. The Gain is scaled by the Cruise Control Torque Maximum so typical values can vary.
  • Fix Exhaust Lambda Warning which was disabled when the warning caused an Engine Speed Limit.
  • Add Throttle Area ‘Q’ quick adjust function to increment Throttle Test Aim if used. This moves the Throttle Test Aim to the next Throttle Area axis site to assist tuning the throttle area quickly.
  • Add Throttle Area ‘L' to reset the Throttle Test Aim to the cursor position to assist with tuning the table.
  • Improve torque values transmitted on CAN to more closely match the OE ECU. Improves downshift blip clutch engagement and clutch release on overrun issues.
  • Fix Launch TCM Deactivate feature. Prevents TCM shifting gears in manual mode after a launch.
  • Add Huracan VDC Wheel Speed Circumference Front and Rear parameters. Replaces the single circumference value used for both front and rear.


  • Boost Servo Bank N Diagnostic Delay maximum validation limit changed from 1s to 30s.
  • Prevent cam aim tracking diagnostic delay from being ignored on engine start.
  • Add Fuel Flow axis to Fuel Pump Sub N Output Duty Cycle tables.
  • Stop logging immediately if driver logging switch is turned off. Previously the Logging Delay was still applied.
  • Stop OBD requests when engine is stopped regardless of logging condition.


  • Add Fuel Used Total channel and driver switch for reset.
  • Change Engine Load Normalised to use the max of Bank 1 or Bank 2 inlet manifold pressure or engine load, rather than the average.
  • Gear Shift Request Automatic Vehicle Speed Minimum can be set to 0 to ignore the setting.
  • Change Vehicle Speed Estimate Mode of Race Time so that Vehicle Speed Estimate falls back to Vehicle Speed when Race Time is not running. Allows traction control to work in this mode after a non launch control start.
  • Add Huracan Meter Shift Lights parameter to disable the R8 shift lights.
  • Fix the Exhaust Sound message displayed on the cluster that was incorrect.


  • Fix corner case where Vehicle Speed could be set to NaN.


  • Add 4 Auxiliary Input N unitless sensor inputs for logging only.
  • Add Diagnostic Delay setting for ECU Sensor Supply and Battery Voltage measurements.
  • Change Fuel Pressure Direct Aim table axis from Fuel Volume Per Cycle Primary (all injectors volume), to Fuel Volume Primary (one injectors volume).
  • Fix rare sensor input corner case initialisation issue.
  • Add Warning Mode and Source for PDM Global Error.
  • Improve setting method for DI injector ‘High Pressure’ settings.
  • Remove Huracan Engine Speed Launch Limit and Huracan Engine Speed Translation tables. Using these only resulted in a TCM DTC.
  • Add Huracan Launch Torque Translation to modify Torque values on CAN while launching.
  • Add Huracan OBD TCM Clutch A/B Speed channels.

Migration Notes;

  • Fuel Pressure Direct Aim table axis channel change requires all axis values on the Fuel Volume Primary axis to be divided by the number of cylinders on the engine, (or cylinders on the bank for a dual bank, dual DI pump engine). Eg. On a V8 engine with a pump on each bank, for an axis site of 1000uL, this needs to become 250uL to give the same behaviour as the previous version.


  • Lowered Traction Activated Vehicle Speed validation limit.
  • Change Nitrous Stage N Override so if no conditions are used the result is not in use rather than Enabled.
  • Fix Wastegate Control Bank 2 outputs set on.
  • Add ‘High Pressure’ setting to drive the injectors harder at high DI fuel pressure.


  • Fix Ambient Pressure could start with a large value in rare conditions.
  • Add Boost Aim State of Limited Maximum, when Launch or Anti Lag is trying to set the Boost Aim greater than Boost Aim Maximum.
  • Enable Boost Control if Launch or Anti Lag is active, regardless of the Boost Control Enable setting.
  • Improve Boost Servo auto zero tracking feature.
  • Minor tweaks to Motec CAN data set. An up to date DBC file is available.
  • Improve Launch false start detection.
  • Add ECU Acceleration X, Y, Z as sensor sources for Vehicle Acceleration Lat, Long, Vert.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Drive channel, vehicle speed calculated from engine speed and gear ratios.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate Mode of Engine Speed to force the use of engine speed for vehicle speed estimate.
  • Add Vehicle Speed Estimate Maximum Acceleration table. This can be used to improve the Vehicle Speed Estimate by limiting it’s rise rate.
  • Add Gear Output Shaft Speed State to report the source of the channel.
  • Fix Cooling Fan Duty Cycle Tx on CAN.
  • Allow A/C request to be On when A/C is reporting a Fault.
  • Add Throttle Servo Bank 2 Zero Phase channel to Master ECU.


  • Add Boost Servo Aim Overrun and Boost Servo Activate Engine Speed settings. The Aim Overrun position is used when engine speed is over the activate threshold but the pedal position is below the Activate Throttle Pedal setting.
  • Add Boost Servo Bank N Diagnostic Delay and Margin settings. Previously hard coded, this allows the tolerances used to be changed.
  • Add Boost Servo ‘on closed stop’ zero offset tracking. Constantly but slowly tracks the zero position as it moves due to temperature or wear.
  • Change Wheel Circumference Switch to ten positions. Allows fine adjustment of wheel circumferences.
  • Add receive of all Motec PDM channels


  • Add Driver Fuel Composition Display Switch to display Fuel Composition (ethanol content) on the tacho.


  • Add Exhaust Temperature Cylinder 1 to 8 CAN Tx data set on message 0x66B.
  • Add Intercooler Coolant Pump and Fan Hold feature to hold the ECU Power Relay on.
  • Update the M1 system version to V1.04.00.0091
  • Reduce Throttle Pedal Sensor Main Voltage Filter maximum validation limit from 100ms to 20ms.


  • Add Engine Speed axis to Fuel Pressure Warning and Alternative Fuel Pressure Warning.
  • Add Anti Lag and Launch Inlet and Exhaust Camshaft Aim overrides. Allow optimum cam timing for building boost faster.
  • Fix Bosch ABS Brake Switch setting Brake State incorrectly.
  • Add Fuel Temperature Warning.
  • Add Engine Oil Pressure Low Switch Pressure and Reduced Switch Pressure parameters, used to set Engine Oil Pressure based on the respective switches if the Engine Oil Pressure Sensor is not used or faulty.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Low Switch no longer overrides the Engine Oil Pressure Warning. Use the Low Switch Pressure to set the desired behaviour.
  • Add Fuel Pressure Control Injector Supply option of Secondary Alternative Fuel. This allows the closed loop system to be used for dual fuel applications.
  • Pause Fuel Closed Loop when Anti Lag is active
  • Fix Torque Limit Response from toggling a few times during transition to being active.
  • Update Traction Model to include weight transfer to/from driven wheels under acceleration. May require some retuning on 2WD cars.
  • Fix Vehicle Pitch Control Derivative could report a large value occasionally.
  • Fix large wheel speed values when wheel speed sensor source is Bosch ABS and the Bosch ABS CAN was timed out.
  • Add Race Time axis to Huracan Throttle Pedal Translation table.
  • Add Huracan Model of Audi R8 CSPB MY20.


  • Add Bosch ABS MAP Switch Position in the Driver Switch Index selection.
  • Include Bosch ABS Brake Switch in the Brake State calculation.
  • Add Bosch ABS to the Brake Pressure Front Sensor Source and Brake Pressure Rear Sensor Source selection.
  • Fix corner case where Cruise Exit could be stuck at Switch Check Incomplete incorrectly.
  • Add Huracan BCM Alternator Request, to test conditions for increasing or decreasing the alternator output voltage/power.
  • Add ‘shift light’ value on CAN, to show coloured shift lights on the R8 tacho background at high RPM (as per OE).
  • Add Exhaust Sound Switch on CAN, to display ‘Exhaust Sport’ and ‘Exhaust Standard’ messages on the R8 dash (as per OE).
  • Change name of Wheel Speed Front/Rear Left/Right 'Source' parameters to 'Sensor Source' for consistency. May require manual migration.


  • Add Alternative Fuel Injector Secondary Contribution and Blend tables. Allow primary/secondary injector volumes to be varied based on Fuel Composition in Flex Fuel mode.
  • Change Race Time Boost Limit to only be applied when Race Time is running and on the Race Time Boost Limit table.
  • Boost Servo, allow wider auto zero range, tolerance from 5% to 10% and sensor voltage from 100mv to 400mv. And allow auto zero when a single position sensor is used.
  • Fix Fuel Pressure Direct Bank N Control Over Margin parameter. Previously set as unitless, changed Quantity to Ratio with Percent unit. May require manual migration.
  • Change Gear Engine Torque to a table vs Huracan TCM Torque Correction (channel of what Gear Engine Torque was previously). Allows TCM torque loading to be tuned.
  • Add Huracan Air Conditioner Request state of Fault, when the climate control system is reporting a fault.
  • Change the CAN Tx of the Air Conditioner intervention to no intervention when the A/C is switched off. More closely matches OE ECU behaviour.
  • Move Torque Limit Response from being applied to Torque Limit to only being applied to Torque Aim. This prevents the Torque Limit Boost Aim from being set by the Torque Limit Response system that could cause a low boost aim to be set incorrectly.
  • Disable queued gear shifting from the ECU. The TCM already queues shifts.


  • Update M1 system version to v1.4.00.0085
  • Remove Sensor Diagnostic Delay maximum validation limits (previously 500ms).
  • Add Sensor Source setting for all sensors that have a source other than provided by the Sensor Resource (ECU pin), effecting-
    • Wheel Speed Front Left
    • Wheel Speed Front Right
    • Wheel Speed Rear Left
    • Wheel Speed Rear Right
    • Vehicle Acceleration Lateral
    • Vehicle Acceleration Longitudinal
    • Vehicle Yaw Rate
    • Brake Pressure Front
    • Fuel Tank Level
    • Transmission Temperature
  • Add Fuel Composition Boost Limit to the Boost Limit tables Boost Aim Check ‘Q’ function.
  • Change Boost Limit State to report when a subsystem AND fuel composition are both reducing the boost limit.
  • Add Race Time axis to the Boost Control Bank N Feed Forward Offset table.
  • Bosch ABS and Bosch Sensor no longer write values to Firmware N resources. Channels are now linked to sensors using the relevant Sensor Source parameter.
  • Add Driver Nitrous Bottle Heater Switch.
  • Add 'Knock Level A' for cylinders 6 to 10 to Motec CAN Tx data set.
  • Prevent Engine Speed Limit State from Reporting Throttle Servo Fault when the engine is stopped (cosmetic).
  • Engine Oil Level Warning can now be reported when the engine is stopped.
  • Improve Engine Oil Level Filtered value update conditions.
  • Add Fuel Pump Main Diagnostic and allow any type of voltage pin to be used (rather than just a Udig).
  • Add Fuel Flow to Fuel Pump Main Output Duty Cycle table. Allows optional open loop PWM or switched PWM values.
  • Fix Gear Shift Request Automatic occasionally not shifting gears.
  • GPS, allow any CAN message of the block to be received independently. Previously the Lat/Long message had to be received first.
  • Move RS232 port inside GPS group.
  • Add Launch TCM Deactivate to prevent 1st gear auto shift when in full manual shift mode.
  • Add Huracan TCM Idle Speed Maximum, to prevent the TCM requesting a high idle speed.
  • Add Huracan Driver Maximum Switch and Setting, to limit the number of available driver switches and settings available. Prevents unconfigured settings from being selected.
  • Change Huracan OBD to have individually selectable channels to request and receive. And add Clutch Torque Aim channels.
  • Change Race Time Activate Throttle Position and Race Time Reset Throttle Position to reference Throttle Pedal.
  • Add Race Time Boost Limit.
  • Combine Throttle Aim Diagnostic with Throttle Aim State (remove diag channel).
  • Fix Torque Reduction Ignition Timing applying the Limit on every shift. Issue introduced with the Decay feature.
  • Add Torque Ideal axis to Torque Reduction Ignition Timing Decay table.
  • Update Fuel Pump ID CAN receive to Rev C data set.
  • Add Boost Servo Test of Static Duty Cycle Test. The Boost Servo Test Aim value is applied directly to the servo duty cycle.
  • Add Gear Shift Request Automatic Limiter Margin. Allows the up shift point to be triggered when a margin away from the Engine Speed Limit.
  • Add Huracan Meter Red Line Margin, so the red line can be set to below the actual rev limiter.
  • Add Huracan TCM Gear Shift Request Automatic, allows ECU gear shifting in all manual modes, not just Corsa/Performance.
  • Add Huracan CAN Option setting. Internal use only, must be set to Zero.


  • Change Torque value transmitted on CAN to improve clutch slip issues.
  • Fix Boost Control Bank N Feed Forward Offset Gear Shift, feature introduced in the previous version was incorrectly applied multiplicatively. Change to additive. May require tuning.
  • Add Traction Torque Limit. Allows closed loop slip control torque reduction via torque control (closing throttles).
  • Add Torque Limit Response system, to help improve throttle based torque limiting (Eg. for traction control).
  • Add Vehicle Pitch Control system.
  • Add Vehicle Roll Rate, Vehicle Pitch Rate and Vehicle Pitch Angle sensor inputs.


  • Boost Control, add Feed Forward Offset Gear Shift to reduce boost error after a gear shift.
  • Boost Servo, add Position Main Voltage Filter parameter. Previously hard coded to 0.8ms. And add Proportional Offset parameter to assist with heavy servo motors.
  • Add Driver Counter Switch groups. Converts momentary switches into an up/down counter. Allows push buttons to be used for 10 positions. Values Tx in message 0x65C.
  • When Engine Overrun is enabled, the amount of Fuel Cut used can now be adjusted. And introduce the use of Ignition cut on overrun also.
  • Fix Nitrous Fuel Mass Flow compensation for if compensation was negative. The wrong value was applied previously.
  • Fix Fuel Purge. The valve could be held open incorrectly under certain conditions causing the engine to run rich.
  • Change Fuel Pump ID CAN receive address type to extended.
  • Fix Gear Shift Automatic could get stuck in Lockout for the first gear shift after power up.
  • Add Huracan Meter Torque Power Filter, to smooth the power and torque gauges on the OE cluster of the Audi R8.
  • Fix Throttle Zero Phase state set to disabled incorrectly after zeroing is complete.
  • Add Turbocharger Bank N Bypass Over Boost Margin. Allows a solenoid operated BOV to open for over boost control.


  • Change the code used for all filtered values to reduce CPU usage. Should be no change in behaviour.
  • Add condition to Boost Servo Integral calculation to prevent wind up when in fault.
  • Change Fuel Pump ID CAN Rx to ‘RevB’ data set.
  • Huracan OBD TCM, fix Clutch B Pressure Aim not updating. Add logging must be running to enable the requests. This allows an external service tool to be used to access the TCM when logging conditions are not met.
  • Fix Ignition Cut being applied incorrectly when torque is low. Introduced in the previous version.


  • Add Cruise Speed Limit Override Threshold. When using the cruise speed limiter function, the speed limiter is overridden when the throttle pedal is pressed past this value. Previously this was hard coded to 90%.
  • Fix cruise for use with a single switch to enable the speed limiter.
  • Fix ECU power hold, previously not all the conditions for power hold would hold ECU power, Eg. Coolant Afterrun Pump.
  • Changed CAN tx of Fuel Tank Level from 1l resolution to 0.5l resolution.
  • Add CAN data Tx of Torque values, Odometer and trip distance, GPS, Turbo temps, Gear auto shift points. Dash template to follow.
  • Add Engine Oil Pressure control system (added to base firmware, not intended for Huracan).
  • Engine Oil Level Warning Minimum threshold changed from a parameter to a table with Engine Speed and Oil Temp.
  • Fix Oil Level displayed on MMI (R8 only) based on unfiltered sensor reading. Changed to the filtered version.
  • Add to DI pump control, ‘Over Margin’ parameter. Control is set to this is over margin conditions, rather than 0.
  • Add to DI pump control, ‘Maximum’ parameter. The pump is disabled above this pressure.
  • Add Huracan OBD, to read data from the TCM on OBD. Experimental.
  • Add Inlet Manifold Flap control (added to base firmware, not intended for Huracan)
  • Add Torque Reduction Ignition Timing Decay. Use this to reintroduce ignition timing more slowly after a gear shift.


  • Add Turbo Speed Limiting functionality, Turbocharger Bank N Speed Boost Limit.
  • Add Fuel Composition to Coolant Temperature Fuel Volume Compensation.
  • Add Nitrous Bottle Pressure to message 0x65F, offset 4, length 2, 1kKa res.
  • Add Exhaust Sound Switch Type, so a momentary switch can toggle the exhaust sound on and off.
  • Add ‘Huracan Model’ of Audi R8 RWS CSPB
  • Add Vehicle Mass Split. Used to calculate Traction Model Driven Wheel Mass with Vehicle Mass and Vehicle Drive Type.


  • Add ‘Check Boost Aim ‘Q’ Function for all Boost Limit Tables. This will tell you what the maximum boost aim will be with the boost limit that’s been set.
  • Fix Boost Aim so that Anti Lag can set the Boost Aim up to Boost Aim Maximum. Previously if the pedal was not pressed the Anti Lag Boost Aim would be limited
  • Change Fuel Composition Boost Limit to be applied multiplicatively on top of other boost limits. This allows other boost limits not to be overridden when running on the limited fuel. ***May require some retuning of boost limits.
  • Add Coolant Temp Head and Inlet sensor inputs. Head can be used for coolant temp if greater then coolant temp. Inlet is for logging only.
  • Add Inlet Cam Diagnostic, reporting aim tracking errors. This also encompasses the cam sensor warnings which have otherwise been removed.
  • Fix Fuel Pressure Control Feed Forward units. It was previously unitless. Cosmetic.
  • Add Throttle Pedal Mode. The Throttle Pedal Torque Aim can now reference ‘Torque Limit Maximum’, rather than only ‘Torque Maximum’. This can drastically change the feel of the throttle pedal where the current boost pressure is no longer a factor in setting the pedal torque.
  • Add Torque Power channels for logging (reports the engine power at the flywheel).
  • Change how the transition in and out of idle control is calculated. Should fix issues sometimes seen when the throttle pedal is pressed very lightly. *** Note the Idle Torque Aim Filter value should be changed to a minimum of 10s.


  • Add Engine Oil Level Filtered channel and report this to the R8 instrument cluster so oil level can be checked by the driver.
  • Add Engine Oil Level High Telltale Threshold. Previously this was hard coded to 100%, but ‘full’ should not be considered overfull.
  • Add Huracan Meter Power Torque Scale parameter and transmit torque/power to the instrument cluster (R8 only).
  • Fix Engine Efficiency Validate Table method (press L to make sure the table is valid for torque control).
  • Fix Fuel Cylinder 6 to 10 Trim Knock reporting -100% sometimes (cosmetic issue).
  • Fix very rare corner case miss calculation of Inlet Manifold Pressure Aim. This could cause a slightly noise throttle aim when at 100% pedal.


  • Fix Cruise Speed setting, a very small error in the set speed could be set.
  • Fix Cruise Displayed set speed, was showing 10% of the actual set speed.
  • Add ability to use Slave ECU outputs configured in the master ECU (set output to E8xx Output N).
  • Fix Purge system could sometimes interfere with the the modelling of Inlet Manifold Pressure.
  • Update to master/slave ECU comms.


  • Initial Version
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