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< GPR (M170).November 2013

Package GPR (M170).November 2013 "Coyote Stock Injectors"

GPR (M170).November 2013
Coyote Stock Injectors
GPR (M170).November 2013

Release Notes

Current Version

  • Update GPS module to 01.05.0008
  • Bugfix where downshift throttle blip does not cancel
  • Bugfix: Calculation of Fuel Injector Duty Cycle now only based on enabled cylinders.
  • Fuel Cylinder N Output Enable is set to Disabled if the Cylinder No > Engine Cylinders.
  • Fix idle mass flow calculation when steering pressure senor is disabled.
  • Idle request: add Throttle Aim State 'Pedal' to entry conditions.
  • MAP estimate calibration method uses Airbox Pressure and Ambient Pressure fall back, equal to MAP Estimate calculation.
  • Knock Warning only consideres active cylinders.
  • Remove Charge Cooling Gain Max validation.
  • Add Engine Speed axis to Engine Boost Limit table.
  • Documentation updates.


  • Turn off 300kPa manifold pressure limit.
  • Turn off 15000rpm engine speed limit.
  • Fix gear ratio calculation causing incorrect traction control and vehicle speed limit operation.
  • Clamp 'Idle Mass Flow' channel to the range [0, 100]%.
  • Increase knock calculation rate to 200Hz to give finer resolution on 'Knock Activate Delay'.
  • Report overrun, overboost and flood clear as 'Fuel Cut' rather than a generic fuel disable.
  • Ignore 'Air Conditioner Refrigerant Pressure' sensor if it is not in use.
  • Add 'Coolant Temperature Estimate' table.
  • Run coolant fans continuously if coolant temperature sensor fails.
  • Add 'ECU Power Relay'.
  • Add 'Steering Pressure Switch'.
  • Documentation updates.


  • Initial release.
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