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< GPR Diesel (M142).June 2018

Package GPR Diesel (M142).June 2018 "Toyota 1GD Start File v6"

GPR Diesel (M142).June 2018
Toyota 1GD Start File v6
GPR Diesel (M142).June 2018

Release Notes
The Migration Notes lists the changes required, when upgrading, to maintain the same functionality from the previous version.

Current Version (1.01.0034)

  • Fuel Primary Cylinder N Output Resource help updated.
  • Voltage class added to all Outputs.


  • Fuel Timing Primary Main & Post State added.


  • CAN Bus 2 & 3 added to GPR Diesel (M182).


  • MoTeC Keypad module added. Includes support for MoTeC 8/15 Button Keypads and the Rotary Controller.


  • GPR Diesel (M181) configuration added. Based on GPR Diesel (M141).
  • GPR Diesel (M182) configuration added. Based on GPR Diesel (M142).


  • Driver Switches must be active for two consecutive samples.
  • System updated to version
  • MoTeC Input module updated v1.10.25.
    • Improve Dual Driven Wheel Speed efficiency and diagnostic reporting (for Cruise control).
    • Fix Latchable Switch Value Storage type public properties lost in v1.10.0022.
  • MoTeC Output module updated v1.9.8.
    • Hold minimum validation set to 0 in Fuel Pump Relay class.
    • Switched output, expose Allowed Events.
  • Driver Switches must be active for two consecutive samples.


  • MoTeC Warning module updated v1.4.12.
    • Exceeded channel set to NAN when measurement is NAN in Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
  • Transmission Brake updated.
  • Throttle Pedal Filtered added.
  • Adjustment allowed on Ignition Driver and Output parameters
  • Boost Pressure Warning added to Warning system.
  • Engine Speed Pin Hysteresis axis sites increased to 6.
  • M1 Diesel 0x690 CAN template updated to v2
    • Version number added.
    • Exhaust Lambda Estimate added
    • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Actuator Control offset corrected
  • Boost broken out of Boost Control with Servo class
  • Boost Servo Actuator modified to include Bank 1 and 2.
  • MoTeC Control module updated v1.12.74.
    • Pump Current Control added to Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump class.
  • Engine Speed Axis added to Idle Fuel Mass Integral.
  • MoTeC Input module updated v1.10.23.
    • Old Name cleared from all Resources.
    Migration Notes;
    • If in use update all M1_Diesel_0x690 CAN templates to M1_Diesel_0x690_Version 2.
    • If Transmission Brake is in use confirm all settings.


  • MoTeC Control module updated to v1.12.68.
    • Pin Threshold input type can be set externally in Camshaft Phase class.
    • Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump Single Drive class added.


  • MoTeC Control module updated to v1.12.65.
    • Warning module updated to include Fuel Mass Limit.
    • Add Boost Pressure Default and change the fallback strategy for Boost Pressure.
    • Boost Pressure Warning enabled when Boost Pressure is above Boost Activate (previously was enabled when above 0).
    • Fix Boost Maximum when using a Boost Pressure Sensor.
    • Boost Pressure Warning added.
  • MoTeC Coolant Fan module updated to v1.6.5.
    • Generic fan class added.
    • Enable Coolant Temperature Hysteresis quantity and unit changed to Temperature Delta.
  • MoTeC Input module updated to v1.10.23.
    • Old Name cleared from all Resources.
    • Latchable Switch class modified to improve migration from Universal Switch class.
    • Engine Speed parameter for Turbocharger Speed class Diagnostic added.
    • Diagnostic public properties can be set externally on Voltage class.
    • Add Mapping Not in Use to Indexed switch, used when Index is Not in Use.
    • Add Index of Default to Indexed Switch, allows Mapping Default to set the switch value manually.
  • MoTeC Warning module updated to v1.4.11.
    • Fuel Mass Limit added to Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
    • Exceeded channel added to Minimum Maximum warning with Limits class.
    • Hysteresis Quantity and Display Unit can be set independent of Minimum and Maximum.
    • Warning Minimum Hysteresis validation bug fixed.
    • Add Throttle Limit option to warning.
    • Fixed behaviour if warning reactives before the reset delay expires (stays in Limit).
    • Changed behaviour, the actiavte and limit delays are applied only after the system is enabled.
    Migration Notes;
    • Set Boost Pressure Default.
    • Set all Temperature Hysteresis paramters


  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.49.
    • Information on how to test and reset the fully closed/open positions of the servo added to help of Boost Control with Servo class.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cut Solenoid added.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flap changed to Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Bypass.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Bypass Actuator Peak current increased to 10A.
  • Inlet Manifold Swirl Control valves added.


  • Gear Input Shaft Speed Sensor addded.
  • MoTeC Output module updated to version 1.9.6.
  • Max Cylinder compile option added.


  • Help Updated.
  • Ignition simplified.
  • Fuel items re-arranged to improve consistency.

June 2018, 1.01.0000

  • Updated M1 Build to version Help XML Formatting and Compile Options.
  • MoTec Control module updated to version 1.0.48
    • Servo Actuator Motor Output must be active to run update.
    • Servo Linearisation X-Axis fixed to Control.
    • Table public properties added to Servo Default in Boost Control with Servo class.
    • Servo Minimum and Maximum removed in Boost Control with Servo class.
    • Gear Shift State converted to a data type in Dual Boost Control.
    • Parameter to set Pump Duty Cycle when in Shutdown added to Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump.
  • Engine Speed axis added to Boost Servo Linearisation table.
  • Fuel Timing Primary Main Nominal axis (Fuel Mass) sites increased
  • Boost Control Feed Forward Main axis (Fuel Mass) sites increased.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation control system updates and bug fixes.
  • Engine Output Test bug fixed.
  • Fuel Output supply voltage converted to a table with Coolant Temperature and Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 as axes.
  • Engine Crank Switch and Relay added.
  • Glow plug light not working during cranking bug fixed.
  • Throttle Output changed to Throttle Solenoid Bank 1. Throttle Solenoid Bank 2 added


  • Diesel specifc CAN transmit message addresses changed to 0x690-7.


  • Fuel Pressure Primary Direct HP5S channels added to CAN Transmit (0x685).
  • Throttle output help updated.
  • System updated to version


  • M130 configuration added.


  • Throttle shutdown bug fixed.
  • Throttle pedal filter added.
  • Engine Load Average reset bug fixed.
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.0045.
    • Boost and Boost Servo systems combined.
    • Fuel Pressure Primary Direct override added.
  • Diesel specific CAN transmit messages added.


  • Fuel Cylinder N Primary Output Polarity changed from constant to parameter.
  • Updated Build version.


  • GPA Diesel (M130 and M150) configurations added.


  • Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate table Throttle Position axis changed to Throttle Pedal.
  • Upgraded to system version 51.
  • Ford Ranger and Sample subsystem removed.
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.0034.
    • Boost Control Feed Forward Main table Boost Aim axis sites updated to 11.
    • Boost Control Maximum converted from parameter to table.
  • LTC Enable conditions updated
  • MoTeC Control module updated to version 1.12.0036.
    • Control Fuel Temperature added to Proportional Valve Direct Injection Pump.
  • Throttle Pedal Filtered added.


  • Migrated to Diesel Master Project.


  • Ford Ranger subsystem added.


  • Boost Servo has Aim Test and Default positions


  • Alternator output has High Side Drive option


  • All Piezo injector outputs may be assigned
  • Boost Actuator Test has Duty Cycle Parameter

Prior Versions

  • Initial release.
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