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< GPRP (M190).December 2014

Package GPRP (M190).December 2014 "Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency"

GPRP (M190).December 2014
Generic 4 cylinder, MAP based Efficiency
GPRP (M190).December 2014

Release Notes

Current version

  • CAN transmits modified to comply with version 3 of the general template.
  • Added CAN transmits for gear shift related channels (template version 1).
  • Added one gear; now support of 7 forward gears.
  • Optional throttle blip and engine speed matching when clutch is disengaged.
  • Added diagnostic channels for gear shift.
  • Added Gear Shift Actuator Position Sensor.
  • Changed event rate of cut and retard tables to match Gear Shift Engine Speed State calculation.
  • Added another Gear Shift Mode: switch selection only, regardless of faults.
  • Added Reverse request delay.
  • Added automatic request lockout when clutch is disengaged.
  • Added prevention of automatic upshifts during wheel spinning based on an engine speed derived from Vehicle Speed.
  • Bugfix Gear Shift Request with H pattern gearbox.


  • Initial release.
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